How to Fix Touch Screen Not Working on Samsung Smart Phone

 My Samsung Galaxy S8 touch screen stopped working when i tap on one of App, and it stuck at the App main interface. I cant do anything now! Please help me!

Generally, Samsung smartphone touch screen not working may caused by the following major reasons. System crashes, Screen damage and App problems. If the screen still doesnt respond even you tried restart the device, what should you do? Luckily, im gathering some efficient ways here. Keep reading to check them out!

Way1: How to Fix Touch Screen Not Working on Samsung Smartphone by Safe Mode
This way enables you know whether or not the problem caused by third-party apps, put your device into safe mode all your downloaded apps will be banned. If the screen working again then the problem caused by app. If you dont know which one of it, just uninstall all recently downloaded apps. Follow the steps below to enter safe mode.

Step1: Press Power button about 5-10 seconds until options box pops up.
Step2: Press Power Off options about 5-10 seconds to reboot to safe mode.

Step3: When you successful enter safe mode you will see safe mode logo on the left bottom corner.

Way2: How to Fix Touch Screen Not Working on Samsung Smartphone by Factory Reset
Frankly, this way is an extreme way. Many people are trying to avoid factory resetting. But i have to say this way also is the safe way to solve the problem. As we all know, factory resetting will erase all your data and file. So, backup before you try this way its important for you.

Step1: Make sure your Android device is fully charged and power off.
Step2: Press Volume up button and power key at the same time, release power key until Samsung logo appears ( Samsung Galaxy series need press Power key+Home key+Volume up key)
Step3: Now the device enter the recovery mode, use your volume key to select it.

If your the screen still unresponsive, the problem might be your screen problem, and it cant be fixed by any way. What if your dont have backup and dont want to lose your data what should you do? Android Data recovery was born to solve android device problem that you may encounter. It aims to solve all situations that you may encounter. Such as water damage, mistakenly deleted or screen broken leads data lose, Android data recovery can easily help you retrieve them.

This article listed two common ways to fix touch screen not working on Samsung smartphone and introduce a way to help you recover your data. If you think this post is helpful, domt forget share it with your friends.


How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock Without Gmail

Generally when you facing this problem, you may have encountered these situations. Such as you like change your pattern lock frequently or you didnt use it for a long time. Except unlock Samsung Galaxy pattern lock with Gmail, what other ways can help you out of fire? I will provided best 2 solutions to help you jump out the problem. Keep reading to check them out!

Solution1: Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock with 4Ukey for Android

Solution1: Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock With 4Ukey for Android

4Ukey for Android as a third party was born to unlock Android device, it can be used in your Samsung device even without turning on USB debugging and auto system detection before unlocking Android. This is large prevents your phone from turning bricks when unlocked.

First of all you need download and install 4Ukey for Android on your computer.
Step1: When the installation completed, launch the program and connect your Samsung device to your computer via lightning cable.

Step2: Now it will popup dialog, click yes to installing the driver.

Step3: Click Remove option and put your Samsung device into recovery mode, please following the steps below.Before it, ensure your device has been fully charged.

Notes: Part of devices need to disconnect USB cable before enter recovery mode.

Step4: When the device enter recovery mode successfully you will see a list of wipe data/factory reset. Use volume key to select it and confirm it by Power button. Next, select Yes and click on the Power button to proceed. Finally, select reboot system now and hit the Power button to restart your Samsung device. After it, you will find pattern lock has been removed.

Solution2: Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock With ADM

Whats ADM? The full name of ADM is Android Device Manager/Find My Device, which can target your Android device, lock your Android device by setting new passwords remotely. In other words, you can change your password through this service. But this service will not be started if your Android device in flight mode.

Step1: You need enter Samsung Find My Device official website, choose your language in the lower right corner and login with your Samsung account.

Step2: Select “Unlock my screen”  to proceed. There are also have various services, you can choose it according to your needs.

Step3: You will see on- screen message The function has been executed successfully once you unlock your device successfully.

Final Words

Now i believe you already unlocked your Samsung Galaxy pattern lock by the following the 2 solutions, so dont forget share it with your friends. If you have any further question please send us Email, we will reply in 24 hours working day.


Top 3 Windows 10 Product Key Finder 2018

With the development of science and technology, computer as one of the most popular technology products it have to meet the increasing needs of people. So the Windows version from the original Windows 3.0 into Windows XP and into current Windows 10. When it comes to install the latest operating system, product key or serial key will definitely drive you crazy. Someone may think calmly, someone may check every Email box. If you can find it then good, otherwise you are totally waste your time and spoil your mood.

The good news is im gonna introduce top 3 windows 10 product key finder to save you in distress. All of these products with simple operation, even though you are a computer amateur.

Top1: Belarc Advisor

When you search product key finder on each browser, Belarc Advisor will be the first recommend for people. This product have three notable advantages. One is it existence comprehensive utility, which can quickly find your key even your machines hard drive information. Second one is it will take a relatively small footprint on your machine. Third one is it definitely safety, will dispute malware and fake Ads. 

Top2: Product Key Recovery

Product recovery as a fantastic product key finder utility that support Microsoft Windows 10 , 8.1 , 8, 7, XP and Vista, MS Office 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and other software product keys like Visual Studio, SQL, etc. Also, it can find Internet explorer key.

Advantages: Safety/ Easy/ Effective/ Fast.

How to use product key recovery? Only 3 steps you can find your product key easily.

Step1: Download product key and launch it you will see Get Key button, Click it.
Step2: Choose the product you want to get the key.
Setp3: Click Save option to save your product key. Note, save it in a text file.

Top3: LicenseCrawler

This application enable you to find the keys for all versions of windows, and it is one of the most portable key finder. Oh, this product also support use USB stick.

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