Be attention-How to recover lost data from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fast and easily

What do you think about Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

In the September that is digital products’ festival time, Samsung release its new products of Samsung Galaxy series. One of them is Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a new big screen Android phone. Compared with last model, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t have more change or upgrades. It seems to minor update version of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Of course, you can see some differences in appearance of the phone. However, the style of Note series must be kept.

How do like this new Galaxy Note phone? Many people love to compare it with iPhone 6 plus that is a big screen phone, or other so-called phablet, such as LG G3, Sony Xperia T2, etc. In my opinions, they all have pros and cons, and you can choose them based on your need. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be the leader in Android big screen phone in no doubt.

How can you do if you lost data from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Based on past experiences, many users are easy to lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone. I think that after Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is widely used all round the world. Many users will be faced with data loss situations including accidental deleting, factory resetting, or system update, etc. Then they must need to find the way for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 data recovery.

However, Android phone data recovery seems not to be so easy when you don’t have backup for your phone. Generally, Android phone including Samsung Galaxy phone have backup and restoration features. Google service firmware is one of them that are helpful for data recovery in Android device. Such as Google mail account, Google+, Google drive can help you recover contacts, text messages, calendar data, photos, videos or other files from Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

For Samsung Galaxy phone, KIES, an official phone management program can help Samsung phone user to manage phone data on computer. Of course, you can see a backup and restoration function in this program, so we can make use of this program to rescue our Samsung Galaxy phone data.

But, if we don’t have backup for the phone, how to get back lost photos, contacts, text messages, or other important data from Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

samsung galaxy note 4 data recovery

Another way to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Although it is not so easy to restore Samsung Galaxy Note 4 data without backup. We still have chance.

When we lost data from Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or other Android device, we had better not use them any more like data loss from computer, camera or memory card. That ‘s because those data that were lost by deleting, formatting, or other errors may be still in the phone memory but invisible. Keeping use the phone just is easy to make invisible data is overwritten by new data.

Then you can find professional Samsung data recovery software for Android to get back your lost data.

For example, Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery is a good choice.

Samsung Data Recovery is specially designed to recover all data including photos, contacts, text messages, music and more on all Samsung devices. It supports all Samsung phones and tablets running Android 4.4 and under, even Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, etc.

This software is very easy to use. Only 4 steps can help recover Samsung Galaxy Note 4 data fast and easily.

Step 1: Connect phone to computer (USB mode or Wi-Fi mode)

Step 2: Make the program detect your phone, so you need to enable USB debugging in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4(USB debugging is in “Developer option”, which is hidden. So you need to show it via tap the phone serial number several times in “About phone”.

Steps 3: after detecting, let Samsung Data Recovery scan your phone.

Step 4: After scanning, just choose the lost files you want to recover.


How to Rescue your Samsung Galaxy phone data

It seems to be unavoidable to loss data from Samsung Galaxy phone

Samsung Galaxy is no doubt that the most popular Android phone around the world now. However, it seems that data loss from Samsung Galaxy phone is common thing that happen to Samsung Galaxy users as well.

The reasons for Samsung Galaxy phone data loss are various. Some are caused by the phone errors, Samsung Galaxy phone is popular because of the good marketing promotions, but sometimes its quality is not good as I expert. All in all, we can conclude some common kinds of reasons that can make data loss happen.

1.Wrong operations by users 

This is the most common reason for any data loss from Android phone. Users always did some wrong or unconscious operations. For example, accidental deletion or wrong formatting is very familiar for us.

2.Well-intentioned cleaning

What is well-intentioned cleaning? In fact, most of us like to use some Android phone manager to make our phones work better, and most of them have the cleaning options. This kind of options will clean the cache or some other useless files in Android for improving the phone speed. However, some of those managers may recognize some useful data in the phone as useless. When manager app does cleaning, if users don’t aware, the useful data will be cleaned as well.

3.Update Android OS without backup 

Android OS has good optimizations. Many producers keep developing and optimizing their phone OS, Samsung also give good experience for Galaxy phone operation system update. So, many users forget backing up for their phone when they do OS update.

rescue samsung galaxy data

The free ways for Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery

Although data loss from Samsung Galaxy phone is common, we have ways to rescue lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone. The first type of way is free and based on backup.

When you have backup for your Samsung Galaxy phone, data recovery is easy. So, when data loss happens, you can check your Google account apps in your Samsung Galaxy phone. Google firmware can help you backup and restore contacts, photos, text messages and other files in Gmail sync, Google+, Google drive, etc.
And other free way to restore Samsung Galaxy phone data is KIES, which is the manager software for Samsung products. KIES is familiar for Samsung fans; it is useful software to help users manage their phones, tablets, or other Samsung products on their computer. Indeed, we can use KIES to back up and restore data for Samsung Galaxy phone.

As you known, backup is very important, we need to have good habit to back up our Samsung Galaxy phone regularly.

The most effective way to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone

The free ways for Samsung Galaxy data recovery only work when backup exist. However, how to get back lost photos, contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy without backup

You need to use effective Android data recovery software.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Windows-based Android file recovery software specially designed for you to directly and quickly recover data such as contacts, messages, call history, photos, and videos from all kinds of Android devices due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc.


How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier

Mid-level Model of Samsung Galaxy may be the most popular

There is no doubt that, Samsung Galaxy phone is the most popular Android phone in the market based on the shipments of marketing and sales. However, compared with the high-end flag-ship model in Samsung Galaxy series, such as Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 3/S4, I think the hand-sets in mid-level have more marketing share. Due to the more reasonable price, and practice features, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier, etc have more users.

How about Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier data recovery

Thanks to their popular, you can find many users have problems of data loss on their Samsung Galaxy phone on the Internet. How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier, or other similar questions are popular in the forums and Q&A websites. For Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery, there is possibility to achieve it. However, to any data recovery, what you need to do firstly is stopping using the devices. Most deleted, formatted data in Android phone just are invisible. They won’t be removed from storage spaces.

samsung galaxy mega  data recovery

How to recover photos, contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier

Indeed, Samsung Galaxy users won’t be strange for the common recovery ways of their phones. They can make use of the Google firmware that has been pre-installed in the phone to restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone. Another default recovery way is KIES which is the official management software for Samsung Galaxy devices. Users can use it to back up and restore Samsung Galaxy phone data.

However, when we don’t have backup for our Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier, how can you do?

Keep calm! Although you don’t have backup for your Samsung Galaxy phone, you still can try to use Android data recovery software to get back lost data.

I take Tenorshare Android Data Recovery as an example, it is such a nice Samsung mobile phone data recovery utility that can retrieve contacts, photos, videos, music files, documents, etc. quickly and easily. It works very well for Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy Grand/Grand 2, Samsung Galaxy Memo, Samsung Galaxy Premier, etc.

You can try to use this awesome software to retrieve data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

More tips: How to enter Samsung Galaxy phone recovery mode
            How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S5


How to enter stock and custom recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy phone

Android phone recovery mode is a useful tool to help users to wipe data, reset phone to factory setting, format or re-partition system, etc. If you love to custom Android phone, you must be familiar with this tool.

Indeed, this tool has been installed in Samsung Galaxy phone. We can call it stock recovery mode. Now, let me tell you how to enter stock and customized recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy phone.

1.Stock Recovery Mode

Don’t hold the point that recovery mode is a very professional thing that just for any developer. In fact, it is also very helpful for common users. For example, when you forgot the password of unlocking the screen, you can go to recovery mode to do a factory resetting to unlock your phone.

To go to stock recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy phone, we just have 3 steps.
Firstly, shut down your phone totally. And let it stay in “off” for about 30 seconds.

Then, you need to be smart. Turn on the phone with pressing Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons at the same time. I think you can feel the phone screen shake mildly. Here, you can release all the buttons.

how to enter stock recovery mode in samsung galaxy phone

After that, your phone has been into recovery mode. You can see many options in the following UI.

samsung galaxy phone recovery mode

2.Custom Recovery Mode

Entering custom recovery mode is a little more complex than stock one. What’s more, it just works in rooted phone. So, you need to pay more attention when you install custom recovery mode for your Samsung Galaxy phone.

There are some options of custom recovery modes. For example TWRP Recovery, CWM Recovery mode, etc. Different recovery modes have different advantages and disadvantages, you can choose based on your need. And if you install some 3rd-party roms to Samsung Galaxy phone, they have pre-installed recovery modes.

To install custom recovery mode to Samsung Galaxy phone, you use apps such as Rom Manager, etc. And you can install it on computer with ADB.

What we can do in Recovery Mode:

1.Format system and memory card
2.Wipe data in the phone
3.Install custom zip for your phone.
4.Partition system or memory card
5.Do a battery regulation

If you lost Samsung Galaxy data when you use recovery mode,or recovery mode can't help you recover data you want, you can try to know more here:



How to recover deleted contacts, photos, text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5 fastly

Get your Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been popular around the world before its release. After official release and selling, many users buy Samsung Galaxy S5 to enjoy its wonderful experiences. If you still hesitate whether you should to buy Samsung Galaxy S5, you can search some reviews and get more opinions on the web.

How can you recover deleted contacts, photos, text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5

However, depended on the experience of using Samsung Galaxy phone in the past, many users always have the accidental deletion for contacts , photos, text messages, etc. If similar situations happen to your Samsung Galaxy S5, you need to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S5.

General ways for Samsung Galaxy S5 contacts, photos, text messages recovery

Generally speaking, when you need to restore lost data from Android phone, you can try to restore from backup that you made before. Therefore, when you would like to do Samsung Galaxy S5 data recovery, you can check your backup firstly.

For Photos, you can use Google+ and Google Drive which have originally installed restore your gallery photos to your Samsung Galaxy S5.

For contacts and text messages, similarly, you can use Gmail account to sync back contacts and text messages. 

Finally, based on backup, you can check your KIES that is official management software, it can back up and restore many data for your Samsung Galaxy phone.

samsung galaxy s5 data recovery

Extra way to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone

When you find there are no backup after deleting contacts, photos, text messages from your Samsung Galaxy S5, how can you do? Don’t worry, you still have chance to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy phone.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery can help you. It empowers you to recover photos, contacts, text messages, videos and call history on Galaxy S5 lost after accidental deletion, formatting, rooting, flashing ROM, factory restore, or Android system crash. You can search on Google or download from Cnet.

When you become aware of you did a wrong deletion, you had better not use your device before you get back lost data.


How to recover contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3

If your contacts, text messages in Samsung Galaxy phone are lost

It is very common to store many contacts, text messages, call log in Android phone, like Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3 which have large memory space and powerful features.However, unfortunately, you lost contacts, text messages by accident. Samsung Galaxy phone contacts, text messages loss can be due to many situations:

1.Accidentally deleting when operating in phone book and messages box.

2.Do a factory resetting without backup.

3.Phone error happen that cause data loss.

4.Many other unexpected situations.

If those situations happen to you ,you must want to know how to recover contacts, messages from Samsung Galaxy phone.

Can you recover contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3?

Yup, some methods can help you restore lost contacts and text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3. Before it you need to remember that use your phone as less as possible, because those deleted, formatted data in the phone memory card or memory card won't be removed immediately until new data overwrite them.

Way 1:Recover Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3 contacts, text messages from backup:
When you lost data from Android phone and want to get back lost data, you can check your backup firstly, maybe you can restore them in one-step. For Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery, you can try to restore from the following places based on backup.

Google account sync
Google account must be my first choice to back up contacts. text messages and other data. Therefore, when contacts loss from Samsung Galaxy, you can try to sync back from Google account.

restore samsung galaxy contacts from google

Import from SD card or copy back from SIM card
If you know more about Android OS. you can find export/import features in contacts app and copy to SIM card features in text messages app. They can be recognized as backup ways. When contacts or messages loss, you can try to import contacts from memory card VCF. file, and copy messages back from SIM card.

recover samsung galaxy contacts from sd card

Restore from KIES
KIES won't be strange for Samsung Galaxy phone users, it is a good helper for Samsung Galaxy devices. You can use it to backup phone data, of course, when you lose contacts, messages, photos, or other files from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3.
See, the above 3 ways just work when you have backup, but unluckily, you have no any backup in Google, SD card, SIM card, or KIES. You must ask how can I restore data from Samsung Galaxy phone?

Hey, don't worry, you can have another choice.

Way 2: Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3 contacts, text messages with Android data recovery software
This kind of software is very effective when Android users lost data without backup. You can download Android data recovery software to get back your lost contacts and text messages.

P.S. if you want to recover files from internal memory of Android phone, you may need to root your phone.


Make good use of your Samsung Galaxy S5

Be excieted for having a Samsung Galaxy S5? Many friends make a choice for Samsung Galaxy S5 after reading the post about Samsung Galaxy S5 VS Sony xperia Z2 and other reference materials. There is no doubt that GS5 is a wonderful Android gadget. However, like other new phone, most of us aren't familar with its performances, and don't get he most out of Samsung Galaxy S5. Hey, let's learn how to make good use of Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here, I don't want to share some common use tips and tricks that are work on other Galaxy series phone or other brands of Android phone. Because you must know a lot. The using tips and tricks in this post mostly are based on Samsung Galaxy S5, or something very important which have told in other posts I will mention again.

Customization come to first

It is known to all, Andorid OS is famours for its high permission for customization, and the new Touch-Wiz in Samsung Galaxy S5 is one kind of the customized Android OS. Morever, Samsung allow users do more customizations in this new Touch-Wiz UI in Galaxy S5. 1.Change the fonts: Most Android phone just allow users change the size of fonts in the phone, in Galaxy S5, you exactly can change the types of fonts as well. Go to Setting>Display, you can see the Font option, you not only can change the size of font, but also the types that you like. And, you can download more from the websites but you need to pay some for it.
samsung galaxy s5 font

2.Re-color your folder
Some customized Android UI such us Xperia UI of Sony can change folder colors and types when user change the theme. Samsung give more free-style for user to make-up the UI. In Samsung Galaxy S5, you can change app folder's color with tapping on the three-dot menu button on any folder to choose from a quintet of muted color choices: green, blue, gray, brown, and maroon.

samsung galaxy s5 folder color

3.3D-home screen? You don't need to use the 3rd-party app on Galaxy S5 Most users want to make their phone' UI looks like be more high-tech and fashion, and 3D transitions is one of popular choice. Of course, we can find many the 3rd-party apps in Google Play, but Galaxy S5 have make this setting defaultly.You'll need to first find a blank space on a home screen, then press and hold until you see controls appear. Tap Home Screen Settings and then Transition Effect. Card Stack is the default view, but you can also turn on 3D Rotation or not transition at all.

samsung galaxy s5 3d homescreen

There still are some customized settings in Samsung Galaxy S5, I think it is more instereting for you to search more by yourselves.

Camera with 16MP in Samsung Galaxy S5, don't use it like a idiot camera

As a flag-ship product in Galaxy series, the specs of camera in Samsung Galaxy S5 must be the best. With a 16MP pixel camera and the software optimizations, we can have good expereience of photography.

1.Set some default setting 
When I firsly use the camera of Galaxy S5, we had better to check the default setting of the camera. Some parameters need to be adjusted for good photography experiece. Such as picture size, video size shooting modes, zoom, etc are need to be set in the best adjustment.

samsung galaxy s5 camera setting

2.HDR can help you a lot 
HDR is the default software setting in high-end Android smart-phone. It is short for High Dynamic Range, which is a mode combines several shots taken at varying levels of exposures and composites it into one image.Oh, it sounds very complex? You just remember it can make your photo more beautiful firstly. You can find the pics taken in HDR mode have more contract.  

3.Focus seletion
After Android 4.3, the camera optimization in Android OS become more professional. We can find some setting in professional have moved to Android devices. For example, focus seletion can be found in Samsung Galaxy S5. This feature have been added in Nokia Lumia 1020, LG G2 Pro, Sony Xperia phones with Android 4.3.

Indeed, focus seletion is good thing for photography.When you turn this features on, you can choose the focus on the screen when you are taking photos, for best results, stand at most 1.5 feet away from the closest object. The object itself should also be at least 4.5 feet away from the background.

samsung galaxy s5 focus selection

You can have private mode in Galaxy S5

If you have use some customized Android UI, such as MiUi come from China, you can see there are a visitor mode which make your private data such as photos, contacts, sms keep invisible for the guy who borrow your phone to use. This kind of feature have added in Samsung Galaxy S5. You can find this option in Setting. Then you can move your files to private.

samsung galaxy s5 private mode

Easily connect to other devices

S Beam is really great for sharing content between two NFC-enabled phones, but what about pushing content from the phone to somewhere else? Samsung has finally gotten this task organized into a neater package with Quick Connect, an easy press from the notifications shade. Tap it and you'll see a list of ways you can push your multimedia to your computer and your other connected devices.

Quick Connect replaces a handful of confusing individual apps. If you've never been motivated to push content from your phone to a different device, you may want to now.

samsung galaxy s5 quick connect

The last but not the least, you can use backup and restoration features in Samsung Galaxy S5 to backup your phone data, when you lost data from Samsung Galaxy S5, you can easily get back lost data from backup. The most common ways for Samsung Galaxy S5 backup is Gmail and KIES.

More about Samsung Galaxy S5:http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-use-the-samsung-galaxy-s5/