Top 5 Free Samsung Phone Data Recovery Software

It is a disaster that important data on your Samsung phone lost without any backups, but don’t feel upset when you encounter this situation, because you still have chance to recover the lost data with a third-party software, and this article will introduce top 5 free Samsung phone data recovery for you.

Top 1. Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery

Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery is a software allow you to recover over 8 types of files including contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios, documents, and other files from Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5 and more. The software can make you not to worry about how to recover data on Samsung Phone/Tablet anymore.

Main Pros and Cons:

  • Directly recover deleted/lost data
  • Recover data lost due to accidentally deleting, factory settings, etc.
  • Supports almost all Samsung phones/tablets such as Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/ S5/S4/Note 3 and more
  • Only read and recover the data, no personal information leaking

Top 2. Easeus Samsung Data Recovery

Easeus Samsung Data Recovery is another great data recovery software for Samsung, It can directly scan and restore messages, contacts and videos on Samsung Galaxy devices. Though, the installation process is kind of troublesome and it takes a little longer to indentify the device.

Main Pros and Cons:

  • All data can be previewed and recovered selectively 
  • Transfer the data (both existing and deleted) from mobile phone to PC 
  • Misleading setup wizard and slow scan speed 

Top 3. Wondershare Samsung Data Recovery

Wondershare Samsung Data Recovery also has free trial version, and it can easily bring back your lost data, it might not be able to recover every file from Samsung smartphone, but it still worth a try.

Main Pros and Cons:

  • The download file is small and take up less space 
  • Quickly scan and find recoverable files 
  • Not all files displayed can be correctly recovered 

Top 4. iCare Android Data Recovery

iCare Android Data Recovery is not a professional data recovery software for Samsung, but it can recover Samsung lost data, if you get data lost problem on your Samsung phone, you also can seeking for its help. 

Main Pros and Cons: 

  • Recover deleted files from part of Samsung devices 
  • Recover deleted Files with fast scanning 
  • It is not a professional Samsung Data Recovery software 

Top 5. Samsung Data Recovery from Android Recovery

Android Recovery is not a big brand like the manufacturers above, but it is focus on Android Data Recovery, so the derivative product Samsung Data Recovery is great. Which also can recover the lost data such as contacts, messages, photos, videos and others from Samsung phones/tablets.

Main Pros and Cons: 

  • Supported Samsung Devices & Android operating systems 
  • Only Read and Risk-Free 
  • Doesn’t offer document type or modified date


How to Attach Video in WhatsApp messages on Android

LOL! most of us are crazy about chatting with friends with online social comunication app. Especially, WhatsApp is the most popular. So many people aroud the world use it to chat, pal or share life with others.

WhatsApp is not only an app for chatting. Developer improve it as a multifuntional social tool. User not only can sent text messages to friends in WhatsApp,  but also other media files icluding photos, videos, voice, and contacts, location can be sharing with your WhatsApp contacts.

send video in whatsapp on android

How to share video in WhatsApp on Android phone

Except for photos, video is one of the most common file for sharing. Many user think that video is more visually and  funny than photo to show.  So, how to attach video in WhatsApp on Android?

Based on the official tutorial from WhatsApp website,  we can finish sending video to other contacts easily.

1.Open a chat.
2.Tap the Attachment button at the top of the screen.
3.Choose what you want to send:
   if you choose Gallery,  you can senc the video that is already stored in your phone, and if you choose Video, you can record a video with camera.

You can also forward a video from one conversation to another:
1.Tap and hold on the message or media.
2.Optionally, select multiple messages and/or media to forward.
3.Tap the icon.
4.Choose a conversation to forward the message or media to.

However, as an attachment, the size of video in WhatsApp message  is limited. If your video is large (generally a original video files( 3 mins upper) will be about 30 MB. WhatsApp won't support you to send such large messages.

Don't be disappointed, we can use other kind of way to share videos in WhatsApp on Android.

Indeed, we can use cloud drive to share video in WhatsApp.  Google Drive is defaultly installed in Android device. As long as you record or store a video in your Android phone, you can upload the video to Google Drive. After uploading, you can share it as a link to WhatsApp contacts, you friends can dowload or store the video by themselves.  Because the link is text, not an attachment, so you don't need to worry about the limitation.
(Remember: when you upload the video to drive, you need to set it as "public")

If you lost any messages data from WhatsApp on Android phone, you can learn more from here: http://www.tenorshare.com/products/whatsapp-recovery.html


How can I recover deleted hidden files from Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

For security or privacy, user may hide their important files in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 sometimes. However, it is easier to accidentally delete hidden files on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, because user can't see hidden files. And some cleaning app may identify those hidden files as junks, in the process of cleaning, user can't check as well.

Ways for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 deleted hidden files recovery

Honestly, we just calm and be patient, there are some ways can help us get back deleted hidden files from Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

1.Check backup in your phone or computer

Generally, we use backup feature to keep our data safe in Android phone. If you have a good habit to back up your phone data regularly, or are sure that automatical syncing is enabled, you can check backup in your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. Apart from backup in phone, some user may use KIES which is a management tool for Samsung Android device to back up data to computer. So, after finding hidden files were deleted, you can check all possible backup locations including apps, programs, cloud drives,etc.

recover deleted hidden files from samsung galaxy grand 2

2.Use professional data recovery program for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Many user hold the point that deleted files can't be recovered, what's more, hidden files have been invisiable. Indeed, if we take a chance to recover deleted hidden files from Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Well,deleted files in Samsung Galaxy phone or other brand Android phone won't be removed immediately from phone memory. They are really hidden in the memory space as useless data by file system. Until new data need a space to store, they will be overwritten by new data. So, user can't see them as normal when they delete files. And as long as you are be patient to operate less to your phone. Android data recovery program can help you get back deleted files.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro is an excellent data recovery tool based on PC to get back all lost data from Android devices/SD card immediately, including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, call history, documents, audios and other files. It suppots all series of Samsung Galaxy phones and other brands of Android phone.


What you should know-Recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

Get a Samsung Galaxy S6? It cetainley is a awesome phone in Samsung Galaxy series phone. Especially, an extra model of S6--S6 Edge have a curve screen that is a revolutional tech in Android smart phone. This kind of screen make information and action can be displayed in edge of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs:
- F1.9 real time HDR, low light shot, 0.7s launch time and fast tracking AF.

- With flash on both cameras, you can take high quality selfies by shortcut.

- Curve-screen and stunning 5.1″ QHD Super AMOLED display, with”real” RGB color.

- Faster LTE chip, you can experience all the feature of 4G.

- Samsung pay function.

- Supports wireless charge, its non-removable battery keeps longer playtime.

- 4 color options: Black Sapphire, White Pearl, and Blue Topaz, Gold Platinum.

Data loss still happen to Samsung Galaxy S6

Data loss happen to Samsung Android device in every day. Since Samsung Galaxy S6 run on Android 5.0 OS, Samsung Galaxy S6 data recovery may be needed
sometimes. Android phone is very easy to lost data because of accidental deletion, factory resetting, system update, or OS errors,etc. Although Samsung Galaxy S6 have powerful features and hardware specs, when data including photos, contacts, text messages, call history, notes,etc lost from Samsung Galaxy S6, we need to have an effort on finding ways to get back lost data.

Generally, there are some ways can help us do Android data recovery for Samsung Galaxy S6:

1.Restore from backup in the phone or computer

Backup is the first aid for any data loss in Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.For Samsung Galaxy phone, two backup restoration can help user get back lost data based on backup. One is in the phone. TouchWiz UI must have "backup and restore" app which can back up and restore data from phone internal memory. Aother way is recovering Samsung Galaxy S6 data on computer. Samsung developed a program named KIES that is a managerment for Samsung Android device. It can help users manager device data including backup and system update on computer. So, when you want to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S6, and you have backup, you can try to restore your lost Samsung Galaxy S6 data from backup firstly.

Besides, from Android 5.0, there is a Photo app in Android system. This app can help users save phone photos in cloud drive and a recycle bin feature can help user to restore deleted photos easily. Of course, Google fireware in Android OS still is another good helper to recover lost data for Samsung Galaxy S6. You can learn from my old post for detail.

samsung galaxy s6 data recovery

2.Use professional Androird data recovery program

When you find there is no backup can help you get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy S6, you still can use other the 3rd-party recovery program for Samsung Android phone. For example, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro is a good choice. It is a program desighed for Android device to recover deleted, formatted, lost data. Contacts, text messages, call history, photos, videos, notes, and some other apps' data can be got back by this useful program. Aother kind of recovery program named Samsung Data Recovery is designed for Samsung Android phone,its features are similar as Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro.


No root to recover lost files from Samsung Android phone

Accidental deleting won’t survive in Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/Note 4

Accidentally deleted personal files from your Samsung Galaxy series phone including newest Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, etc? No matter how powerful your Samsung Galaxy phone are, you still may suffer from lost Samsung Galaxy phone files loss caused by deletion.

What kinds of ways can help you get back deleted files from Samsung Android phone? Keep reading patiently. If your Samsung Galaxy phone has been rooted For rooted Android phone, deleted files recovery in Samsung Galaxy seems to have many choices. You can search keywords like “Undelete” in Google Play, you can find many undelete apps to help you find deleted photos, videos, text messages data, contacts files and so on from your Samsung Galaxy series phone.

For example, the app name “Undelete” is one of them that are useful for Samsung Galaxy deleted files recovery.

Download “Undelete” from Google Play, and install it to your phone. Then, just run it on your phone. Your rooted management app may ask you to allow it to run on your phone, just tap “Allow”.

You need to choose the storage location before the app scan your phone. It means, you can choose internal memory of the phone, or choose external memory which is Micro-SD card. Well, scanning will begin after you choose the storage location. It takes some time to scan, depending on your phone’s memory size.

After scanning, you can see your deleted files which have been listed by the app. You can select what you want to recover from Samsung Galaxy Android phone.

recover deleted files from samsung galaxy without root

However, If your Samsung Galaxy phone hasn’t been rooted

Well, rooting isn’t not so welcome for every Android phone users, because an Android have been rooted, authority for data write, apps’ accessing will be easier. The device will face with more risks of system security. It means, your phone will be crashed easier.

So, if you want to restore deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S6/S5/Note 4 without root, you can use other ways that don’t acquire you to root your Samsung Galaxy phone.
Firstly, you can check your backup for your Samsung Galaxy phone. Android phone has relatively perfect backup and restore features. Take Google services firmware as an example, some apps like Google sync, Google+, Google Drive will help you back up your phone contacts, text messages, photos, videos, or other types of files to cloud service. When you deleted them from the phone, you can download back again.

Besides, Samsung also provide official restoration features. You can use official “backup and restore” app and “KIES” to restore lost data from phone or computer.

Finally, if your deleted Samsung files that haven’t backed up ever. You can use professional Android data recovery program.

Samsung Data Recovery–It ensures you the best and fastest experiencing in recovering contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios, documents, and other files from Samsung phones or tablets.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro-It allows you to recover all the lost data in a snap, including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call history from Android phone and tablet on Windows computer. Never root Your Android phone or cause other damage.


The better way to recover Samsung Galaxy lost data than KIES

What can help you firstly when you lost any data from your Samsung Galaxy phone lost data? The people who have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha or other Samsung Galaxy phone will know there are official backup and restoration apps to backup and restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

One of them that is run on computer named KIES, With help of KIES, user can copy its phone data including photos, contacts, text messages, call history, phone Internet history, etc to computer or cloud service.

However, KIES backup for Samsung Galaxy phone isn’t always convenient or effective. Many users said that sometimes KIES can’t connect perfectly to phone, even backup is not match.

In this case, we need to use another better way to do Samsung Galaxy phone lost data recovery.

Way one: Still rely on backup

Apart from the official app in Samsung Galaxy phone for backup and restoration, we can use other better and more efficient backup apps for Android phone. Most of them have cloud service to save phone data on the Internet. For example, an app named Titanium is good for apps’ data backup and restoration, it can back up all phone apps to internal memory or external memory card. For Samsung Galaxy phone files backup, I recommend to use Google Drive, which can save many different files to cloud drive.

samsung data recovery without kies

Way two: Forget backup, try to directly recover from Samsung Galaxy phone memory

Having backup to restore Samsung Galaxy phone data is good exactly. However, sometime, god likes to play a joke on us-no backup! Not all of people have the good habit to back up their Android phone frequently, and when backup is not sure to match what you want, you need to use other way to recover lost files from Samsung.

Indeed, we can try to get back data from Samsung Galaxy phone internal memory or Micro-SD card.

Here, we can make use recovery tool for Samsung Galaxy phone.

Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery ensures you the best and fastest experiencing in recovering contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios, documents, and other files from Samsung phones or tablets.

To recover Samsung phone data with Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery, you had better use your phone as less as possible. Deleted, formatted files in Samsung Galaxy phone may be still in the phone memory until new data overwrite.


Be at Ease-Samsung Galaxy Phone Data Recovery have been easy

S5? Note 4? Note 3? Or other Galaxy phone? You may have one

Based on marketing share and production volume, Samsung Galaxy exactly is the most popular Android phone around the world. It is very common that people use Samsung Galaxy phone. In 2014, Samsung released its flag-ship Android phone in Galaxy series-S5, Note 4. Both of them have powerful features and specs to provide different experience to users.

Indeed, with the help of Samsung Galaxy phone, you can do many things in any time. However, sometimes most of us will get into the hot water of data loss in Samsung Galaxy phone. We may be so frustrated to how to get back any lost data from Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note 3 or other models of Galaxy series

Why you lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone?

Some of us even have no idea for data loss reasons. Indeed, for Android device, many unexpected accidents can make data including photos, contacts, text messages, call logs lost.

For example, OS update or ROM flashing is familiar for Android device user. However, both of those technical operations are easy to make data loss from Android phone, even you can learn the prompt of data backup before operating. For Samsung Galaxy phone, KIES will ask you whether wipe data when OS update. If you don’t pay attention to this option, you may lose data quickly.

Other situations that make data loss mostly are errors and accidents. Accidental deleting, mistaken phone resetting without backup, you can see various wrong operations which result in Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery on the Internet.
Fortunately, it is possible to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

samsung data recovery

Easy way to recover photos, contacts, text messages from Samsung phone

To restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone, we have many ways that are based on backup. Such as KIES, Google service firmware, or some the 3rd-party backup and restore apps can help us achieve it.

However, most of us pay more attention to how to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone without backup.

Don’t worry, although there is no backup, recovery still can be achieved.
When you find you don’t have backup, you can use a tool named Samsung Data Recovery.

Samsung Data Recovery is a customized program to recover all data including photos, contacts, text messages, music and more on all Samsung devices. It supports all Samsung phones and tablets running Android Lollipop and newer, Android 4.4, even Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4. You can learn more about it from here: http://www.card-data-recovery.com/product/samsung-data-recovery-software.html
With this easy program, you can find out those lost and invisible files in Samsung Galaxy phone.

Firstly, connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to computer and launch Samsung Data Recovery. The program will detect your phone and ready to connect it.

Then, follow the guides in the program to enable USB debug in your phone, your phone will be scanned after you finish choosing data selection. 

After scanning, you can preview you lost data, finally, just choose what you want to recover. Yup, you may won’t believe it, but the true is that only 4 steps can help you get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy.