How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Samsung Alpha

The Galaxy Alpha is the Samsung’s first metal framed smartphone. It was announced to little fanfare in 2014 but would go on to have a big impact on Samsung.
As a mobile phone photo enthusiast, maybe you want to know that is it possible to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Alpha android phone? How to restore deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy? Here, you will get the best way to retrieve deleted pics and other data from Samsung Galaxy Alpha with Samsung Data Recovery Software.

Samsung Data Recovery Software is the most professional tool to recover deleted or lost files from Samsung smart mobile phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Core 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Tab4/Tab S/Tab 3, Samsung Alpha etc. You can use the tool to retrieve lost files (including photos, contacts, videos, messages, audios, documents, call history and other files).

How to Use Samsung Data Recovery to retrieve deleted Photos from Samsung Alpha ?

The steps to restore lost Alpha Samsung photos are very simple, below delivers the steps of using Samsung Data Recovery to recover lost files for Samsung phones and tablets in details.
1. Install and run Samsung Data Recovery on your computer.
2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Alpha to computer via a USB cable.
3. The software will detect your device and offer 2 recovery modes - Quick Recovery and Deep Recovery. Select one to start Samsung Galaxy Alpha data recovery.
4. Click on your device and the file type to scan.
5. Preview details of recover able files and recover data from Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

With all these steps done, the deleted photos could now be recovered and saved on your computer. By the way, if you don't want to connect via USB cable, you also can connect via Wi-Fi to get back lost photos from Samsung which is quite convenient. Just use your Samsung Galaxy Alpha's camera to scan the QR code and the rest steps are the same as the above. The guide to connect your phone or tablet with Wi-Fi network to recover deleted files from Samsung is here<<<

In fact, you also can use Android Data Recovery to help you recover which allows you to recover deleted or lost contacts, text messages, viber messages, call history, photos and videos from Samsung phone. This software also can help you can help you recover lost data from HTC, Motorola, LG, and more Android devices.


How to Recover Saved Samsung S5 Data after Use Clean Master

I did a stupid thing, I regret it now. Who knows how to recover saved Samsung S5 data after use Clean Maste?

I believe many Android phone users have encountered the similar problems. They use cleaning software, wrongly deleted some of the important data in mobile phone. Or their Samsung S5 contacts, notes, sms, call history, photos lost accidentally as a result of damage, crash and brokenness, or after system upgrade, jailbreak, factory settings .That’s so common to see.  In this article, you will get to know a best way to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S5 with Samsung Galaxy Recovery.

Samsung Galaxy Recovery (Android Data Recovery) is a very professional tool which can help you recover photos, contacts, notes, text messages, and call history on Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to Recover Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S5?

Here is the step-by-step user guide on how to recover data from Android with this program. You can recover photos, videos, contacts, SMS, call history from your android phone.

Step 1: Download Samsung Galaxy Recovery on your PC
Tips: Samsung Galaxy Recovery(Android Data Recovery) is a Windows-based program. If you want to recover your lost Samsung Galaxy S5 data on Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, or lower, you need to download Android Data Recovery Pro for Mac .Click this link you will know how to use this software to recover Galaxy S5 lost data on your Mac.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 to PC with a USB cable. If you haven't installed USB driver for your phone on your computer, you will get a Hardware update wizard. Just follow the instructions to do it.

Step 3: Then enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage as the software screen prompts, and click "Next".

Step 4: Super user Request pops up on your phone, just click "Allow". Then switch to the software, hit "Start" and select your file types for scanning.
This Android Data Recovery works for all Android devices, including the new Google Nexus 9, Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG G Pad, Asus Transformer Book, Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Evga Tegra Note 7, etc. It also can help you transfer & backup Android data to PC when you need.

Hope can help you, and have a nice experience! Homepage<<<


How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Samsung

“Does anyone success transfer iPhone WhatsApp data such as chat history to Samsung before? Can you guys share the experience and step?”

The larger global market, the bigger screen, the easier operating Android system, so lots of iPhone users have changed to the Samsung camp, the new Samsung S7 will lead you to the exciting mobile phone world. But there is a problem for many users, such as, get a new Samsung phone and looking for an easy way to transfer WhatsApp chat history from old iPhone to Samsung.

The tutorial below will show you how to transfer WhatsApp data from an old iPhone to Samsung without technical knowledge required.

There are three steps, you need to backup iPhone WhatsApp data to your computer first, then transfer the backup file to the new Samsung phone, and the final step is restore WhatsApp data from backup file on Samsung phone.

Step 1. Backup WhatsApp data from old iPhone to PC:

Connect your iPhone to the computer, turn off iTunes, open command prompt (RUN : cmd), now it need a little tricky, you have to search for a folder named "whatsapp". The command line you need:

"dir" - to see visible data of the current folder.
"dir\a" - to see all data of the current folder.
"cd [folder]" - change directory (change folder to).

Then copy the folder "whatsapp" to your computer by using copy [source] [destination].

Step 2. Transfer WhatsApp data to Samsung phone

Connect your Samsung with the computer. Copy your WhatsApp conversation backup file into this folder “WhatsApp” under the internal storage on Samsung phone.

Step 3. Restore WhatsApp data on your Samsung phone

Launch WhatsApp on your Samsung phone and verify your phone number. Then you will get a notification that a message backup was found. Just tap "Restore", and your WhatsApp data from iPhone will be showed up on Samsung phone.


How to Recover Deleted Pictures in Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is remarkable because it has many new improved technical features. For photography enthusiasts who like to capture important moments of life, the phone will be launched accurate for them. HDR for bright, vivid catches, fast Auto Focus allows you to focus on the important picture by making the background and accentuating the main subject.

But recently, a frequently asked question about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the problem of recovering pictures. As we know, there is no Recycle Bin on the Galaxy S4, so what to do with deleted photos from Galaxy S4? Take a new picture again? Seems impossible, history can not repeat.Pictures are captured in short moments, once accidentally deleted, they are not easy to be found without the help of a third-party software. Therefore, what can we do to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S4?

In the case above, you can make use of a Samsung Data Recovery which can recover the deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S4. Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery Software is a professional software to recover pictures and other data from Samsung Galaxy S4, and it is important to note that nothing is written in the memory before using this tool as it can overwrite the deleted files.

Step 1: Download and run Samsung Data Recovery on your PC.

Step 2: Enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S4, connect it to your PC and then it will be detected by the program.

Note: If your Samsung Galaxy S4 can not be identified by this program, download the Samsung Kies or Samsung USB Driver for Windows on your computer.

Step 3: Click "Start" to scan the lost data on your Samsung S4. Once the scan is complete, you can preview the found pictures, choose the photos you need and click "Recover".

More about Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery

The Samsung Data Recovery also supports recovering data such as videos, audios, contacts, call log, messages, etc. from almost all Samsung phones including Samsung Galaxy s3/s4/s5/s6, Note 3/4/5/6 and more.


How to Send Large Audio Files on Whatsapp

Even the world’s largest messaging service has its limitations. Whatsapp only allows sending files to other users that are upto 16MB in size. Power users who want more from the app are often left unsatisfied. This article will tell you how to send large audio files on WhatsApp(iPhone/ Android).

1. If your phone is rooted but you don’t have any Root File Explorer installed on your phone, please install one like Root File Manager or Root Browser first.
2. Once the root manager is installed, go to the root folder of your device. Then go to the folder named ‘data’. Again inside this folder, there will be another folder named ‘data’. Enter this folder too.
3. Inside the second data folder, enter the folder named ‘com.whatsapp’.
4. Now inside the ‘com.whatsapp’ folder, enter the folder named ‘shared_prefs’. Please note that in some phones this step may not be required as the ‘shared_prefs’ may not exist. In such case, you can skip directly to the next step.
5. Finally, you will see a file named ‘com.whatsapp_preferences.xml’. Click on the file and open it using the Text Editor that comes with the root explorer you installed. For example, Root Browser (which is used in this tutorial) comes with a text editor called ‘RB Text Editor’ as shown.
6. Once the file opens, you can see some code written in it. The purpose is to change a value of a variable to suit our needs. For this find the integer ‘name’ and change its media limit value to a desired number like 500 from the default 16. This will change the file sharing limit on your whatsapp to 500MB instead of the original 16MB. You can enter any limit you want as long as it is less than 2 GB or 2048 MB.
7. Save the file and enjoy an all new freedom to share.

Now, you have known how to send large file on Whatsapp, in this homepage, you can find ways to recover lost data from iPhone/Android when you need.


How to Restore Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the first metal frame smartphone of Samsung, although it was released in September 2014, it still has many users thanks to its heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner. However, some Galaxy Alpha users complained that their device has data loss problem, such as the important file -- contacts. So how to recover lost or deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

In this article, we will recommend a Samsung Data Recovery Software from Tenorshare to help you. It is the most professional software to restore lost/deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Key features of Tenorshare Samsung Data Recovery

  1. Scan and find your lost/deleted contacts, messages, notes, photos and other 8 types of files.
  2. Selectively choose the files you want to recover.
  3. Find back lost or deleted contacts with details, including name, phone number, email address, etc. 
  4. Both deleted & existing data can be showed in the software.

How to recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy Alpha with Samsung Data Recovery

First, download, install and launch Samsung Data Recovery on your computer(compatible with Windows 10/8/7), then connect your Galaxy Alpha to the computer with USB Cable. And you need to enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage before recover your lost contacts.

Next, there are two modes “Quick Recovery” and “Deep Recovery”, the distinguish is that “Deep Recovery” mode can scan more content than “Quick Recovery” mode, but it may takes more time. So, select the mode you want to scan your Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

Finally, after scanning, you can preview the lost contacts from Galaxy Alpha under the contacts category, at the same time, you can select the contacts you want. And when you are finished selecting, you can click “Recover” button on the right bottom of the software to save the lost contacts on your computer.


How to Recover Lost Photos from Hide Gallery in Samsung Galaxy

As a Samsung mobile phone user, we often care about mobile phone of the following functions: make a phone call, send text messages, watch video, and take photos! Especially take photos. In today's society of freedom, we like to take photos in anytime from anywhere. And we like to share photos to anyone we want to share. Youth may be slowly passed, but photo memories will be forever! So, we always worry about our Samsung photos lost one day.

But, unfortunately, we often delete our hide gallery photos in Samsung accidentally. At this time, most of us maybe very worried and regretfully.

Don't worry, in fact, you can use Android Data Recovery Software free to retrieve lost photos from hide gallery in Samsung Galaxy. It is a professional Android data recovery tool which not only can help you find lost Samsung photos back, it also can help you recover lost/deleted contacts ,sms, notes, videos, and more from Samsung Galaxy Series .

Now, I will show you how the free Android data recovery software works to recover lost photos from hide gallery in samsung galaxy.

Step 1: Connect Samsung Galaxy Device

Download Android Data Recovery Software Free, then connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to PC with a USB cable. If you don't have a USB line, you can try Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging and Turn on USB Storage

Enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage. The steps for different Android vary, so follow the instruction correctly shown on the software screen.

Step 3: Start Scanning Samsung Galaxy Photos

After PC detects your device, on Samsung Galaxy you can retrieve photos. Click "Next". Click "Allow" on your Samsung Galaxy. Then click "Start" to start scanning.

Step 4: Recover Samsung Galaxy Photos

All the photos will be listed after scanning. Select the photos you need to recover. Then click "Recover". Samsung photo loss is no longer a problem! All lost can come back!

 Hope the software can give you help! And if you want to know more about the data recovery from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac/Windows, you can click here.