Forgot Samsung Galaxy Password, Tips to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Password

"Forgot samsung galaxy password, help! I locked my Samsung Galaxy S as I used wrong pattern 20 times. What should I do now to reset Samsung Galaxy password?" This is the common going for some comparative value privacy samsung users.

Samsung phones have a security sub-menu for locking the phone, setting up emergency numbers, enabling voice privacy and various other restrictions. A locked phone blocks all outgoing calls, except those to 911 and any user-defined emergency numbers. A Samsung phone can be locked manually, or set to lock automatically when turned on.

When the phone is locked, you can answer calls but not make them.You can change the password in the security menu. From the settings menu, select "Phone Settings" and then "Security." The text "Enter Code" will appear on the display. Enter a four digit password. If you select "Lock Phone" and press "Lock," the phone will lock immediately. If you press "Unlock," the locking is over-ridden and the phone will remain unlocked. Selecting "On Power Up" makes the phone lock the next time you power your phone.If your phone is locked but you have not set a password, the default code is the last four digits of your phone number.

When you set the password and forgot it, try the way below:
1. machine closed case, hold down the volume + key and is used to boot you turn off the power button
2. about 3 seconds, you will see the samsung logo, the loosen the power button, but still can't loose volume up key until you see the screen starting recovery (recovery screen appears)
3. use volume key control, select reset \ wipe data, press power key sure,The machine started to reset
4. and all completed, choose reboot system, according to the power key, everything complete

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Confront Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note Security Hole:Any Remedy?

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note users, Please note that, according to an Android Central report, Samsung is working hard on a patch to fix a vulnerability in Android phones that use its Exynos processor.The vulnerability was first discovered this weekend, and it affects recent Samsung phones like the international Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 which use Samsung’s Exynos processor. The vulnerability lets malicious apps take control of the RAM in the smartphones and essentially control the entire phone from there.These vulnerability may cause your phone is attack,the data in the mobile phone maybe damage, thus need for appropriate way to recover Samsung Galaxy .

Samsung didn’t give a timetable for the update, saying only that it will release and update as quickly as possible.It’s unlikely that most users will encounter an issue with the vulnerability. Malicious apps have to contain specialized code to take advantage of the exploit. Users who don’t download suspicious apps shouldn’t have any issues with the exploit. Popular apps from the Google Play Store won’t contain the code required.

U.S. Galaxy S3 owners also won’t have to worry about the update because the U.S. version of the phone doesn’t use Samsung’s Exynos processor. The U.S. versions of the phone use dual-core Snapdragon S4 processors instead, because the Exynos processor couldn’t support 4G LTE at the time of the phone’s release.The U.S. Galaxy Note 2 does use Samsung’s Exynos processor, however, so those users should avoid any suspicious apps. All smartphones should avoid suspicious apps, however, regardless of their smartphone of choice.

You tell me, so pity that you don't have not seen this information sooner. Your phone has been attacked, the inside of the data are destroyed, unable to open. You are very heartache lose some valuable data. Don't be sad, this kind of situation cause data loss can be rescued.Below I will tell you how to recover samsung galaxy note .

The best way to recover mobile phone data is use mobile phone data recovery software. I have a friend who is in the samsung data service company, I specially to ask his advice on this problem. He said that today's recovery software multifarious, want to find a reliable material benefit is not easy. The best Samsung Data Recovery software he had used is Tenorshare. This software operation is simple, and that there would be no data recovery incomplete situation.
Below I will show you how to use the software to recover samsung mobile phone data step by step.
1. Connect Samsung Galaxy to a computer with USB cable. Choose Mass Storage on the Android, a green android picture pops up, press the Turn On button. Run Samsung Galaxy Recovery, in the main interface, check the removable drive and click "Scan".
2. Samsung Galaxy Recovery allows you to preview pictures and songs. Check the files in the task list and preview them in the right window. Check the files in the task list, you can select them all at once, or choose some of them one by one.
3. At last, click "Recover" and specify a save path for the recovered data.

The method  above not only suitable for Galaxy S3 and Note 2, but also be used to recover Samsung Galaxy tab

Data security had been an important problem needing to pay attention to when use electronic products, but also don't need too nervous. After all, all the problems  have it's solutions!

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Samsung Galaxy Note II-Splendiferous Christmas Gift

Christmas is coming, what gifts do you want to received ? Someone said smart phone! And what's the most popular smart phone at present ? If I can get smart phone for Christmas gift, I hope it's Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung is launching its Galaxy Note II smartphone complete with 5.5-inch screen and stylus along with the latest Android smarts to take on iOS, Windows Phone 8 and everyone else! New age of communication - no longer voice and text. Reams of pictures - the visual communication era. More and more important and a part of how we communicate with family and friends. We've been listening to that community. People want high quality image capture, power to edit, power to share seamlessly - this is the Samsung Galaxy Camera section of the launch.

Camera powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Quad Core processor for easy and efficient sharing. Galaxy Camera keeps you connected wherever you are - ultra fast Wi-Fi and 3G for constant connectivity. Do it all straight from the camera - snap picture, edit, upload and share to social networks easily.

Share shot - no more "painful group photos" where everyone says "take one more photo with my camera". Share shot lets you take one photo and share it between devices easily. The auto upload feature saves photos directly to the cloud as you take them - for peace of mind. Makes it easy to share photos for people who are far away.

Shooting pictures with the Galaxy Camera is truly a pleasure - easy and power. A Super Long ZOOM LENS... 21x super long zoom! Galaxy Camera is feature with 21x optical zoom lens - 100% glass - you get the same crystal clear pics for close and zoom shots.

By maitaining that sharpness, you can zoom in later with another device or program and get digital zoom as well.
Aperture [missed a bit here]... increases camera's capability of taking great low light photos.

Outstanding photos anyone can be proud of - is by using the Smart Pro Mode - there are 15 modes preset in the camera. No fiddling or practice - just choose the mode you want - the camera will take care of the rest.

First example - action freeze mode. Crisp photos even of fast moving subjects. Light Trace mode - for a river of lights, think car lights - and also Blue Sky mode - no more washed out sky. Glorious blue sky for all your photos.Not just still shots - full HD video is supported as standard and great for sharing amongst all digital devices.Slow motion menu too - shoot wide VGA quality at 120 frames per second. You'll see it without the artifacts you get from artificially rendering slow payback.You can enjoy - Galaxy Camera's 4.8-inch HD super clear touch screen "is exacty what a camera display should be". Double brightness without draining battery.

Knowing how great samsung galaxy note 2, do you also want to have one like me?

And if you really get the Note 2 as Christmas  present few days later, what things you should pay attention to when used it ? The common issues is lost data from phone that you do not want. Is there any way to recover Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ?

Don't panic! Nowdays so many data recovery companies provides data recovery software. You should compare the rate and choose a best one according to your requirements. To recover Samsung Galaxy, I recommend Tenorshare Data Recovery,Tenorshare provides you excellent data rescue tools that can recover photos, videos files and documents from hard drive and other storage devices. This tool also a good Christmas gift!

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Tips on how to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note2 user,keep this Samsung Data Recovery tip,maybe oneday you might need it.

When you need to install official or custom ROMs in your Android devices, or you have a need to wipe the cache, dalvik cache or to have access for other options which help you to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device, then you should enter in the recovery mode, for make this thing is very easy, only to know the right combination of actual button.

Before teach you how to enter in the recovery mode, you mustassimilateyour consideration that, the recovery mode is an important menu for your device and there, it’s very dangerous if you don’t know what you should to do.

Very generally the recovery mode for Galaxy Note 2 smartphone is used for flash new custom ROM or for backup, there if is installed the CWM (ClockworkMod) installed, then you can easily to install the custom ROMs or to get the backup for your current Rom installed in your device.  A complete backup, which is possible from the recovery mode in the Note 2,it  is the Nandroid backup; with this tool you can get a full backup for all your data, like the ROM and your personal information, apps, files, documents, contacts. For this kind of backup, you’ll need more than 1 GB free space in your internal device memory. But for installing the CWM you’ll need the root access, and if you’ll root your device the warranty will be void.

These things above mentioned we can begin our tutorial.
How to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone:
    * Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device.
    * After the device is turned off, press the following combination of buttons in the same time:
Volume up + power button + home button, and keep these buttons pressed until the recovery mode will be displayed.
    * When you’re in the recovery mode, you can release the buttons.
This is all, now you successfully learnt how to access the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device.

Another modality to enter in the recovery mode is only for the rooted Galaxy Note devices for some custom’s ROMs, for this method press the power button for a few seconds and then a pop up methods will be displayed. Now, in the menu select the reboot option, there you should see the reboot options: “Normal”, “Recovery”, and “Download “. From there choose the Recovery option and then your device will take a reboot in the recovery mode directly, without any other settings.

Remember to use our comment section for any troublesto understand our tutorial.

Another tip:
Deleted files from Samsung mobile phone by mistake is common to Samsung users, if it happen on you, and you need to recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy, what should you do?  Ha, the answers just in this blog! (Note: turn to "Tutorial: How to Recover Samsung Galaxy" Or "Simple Points To Help You Recover Deleted Pictures From Samsung Galaxy " )


Simple Points To Help You Recover Deleted Pictures From Samsung Galaxy

Now, some mobile phone take pictures even better than the professional cameras, such as samsung galaxy. Samsung Galaxy Camera, the second camera in the world powered by Android. For those unfamiliar with the Galaxy Camera, Samsung has essentially taken the Android interface off a smartphone and applied it to a conventional digital camera -- the trade-off for making phone calls in this device is high-resolution photos and videos with quality editing tools and special effects, as well as easy sharing options directly from the camera itself.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right out of the box, and with a Google search bar with enhanced voice search built-in, users can access the full Google Play market and download Android apps that can take advantage of the device's camera beyond the bounds of what today's smartphones can accomplish.With a 4.8-inch HD Super Clear Touch Display, a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 21x zoom lens, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is built for consumers that want to shoot and share high-quality photos with impressive effects. Users can capture slow motion video as it's happening at an eye-popping 120 frames per second, and can use specialized effects built for action (movement), light and water effects.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera takes advantage of 3G and Wi-Fi networks for seamless Internet connectivity and automatic back-up to the cloud, which opens up plenty of space on the camera itself and doubly ensures that you never lose a photo. However, if you have not backup before, and unluckily you deleted the precious photos by mistake, what can you do to retrieve deleted pictures on samsung galaxy?

Well, take it easy. Whenever a "delete" is completed, merely the spot how the file occupies is marked as empty and might use again by new data, still the deleted file might be there till new data overwrites it. Therefore, if you happen to haven't taken any new photo, you always can recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy

We have tried personally Tenorshare Data Recovery, I know that's great. Let me show how to use this tool.
Move 1: Downloaded Tenorshare Data Recovery from
, and placed in your personal machine.
Move 2: Open it up after installing. You can see four choices, "Deleted Recovery", "Format Recovery", "Partition Recovery" and "Raw Recovery".
Move 3: Discover the partition that i lost photos, click "Scan", then each of the deleted photos available.
Move 4: Select deleted files folder in the files list, check files inside task list window and click on "Recover" to get started on Recovery.

See,recover deleted files from samsung galaxy just so simple. Start doing it!


Tutorial: How to Recover Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S3 works at 4G LTE which is powered by Android 4.0. Really it is a computer device that definitely makes the life easier. Samsung is one of the pioneer providers of advanced digicam and mobile phones. It gives diverse selection of cameras which is designed with powerful features and stunning qualities. Samsung provides different type of series like DSLR and a lot upgraded technologies. Now a days everyone is choosing Samsung Galaxy model due to its stunning features. This Samsung model is properly designed and allows its users to capture excellent images. But users need to face critical situation whenever they loss their saved pictures.If such a thing happens ,if you have a way to recover samsung galaxy s3 ,Tab,Note,Nexus etc.

Don't panic after you lost the picture files inside your samsung galaxy due to these reasons:
* Accidental formatting of media
* Accidental deletion of picture(s)
* Misuse of memory cards
* Corruption in storage device or computer's disc drive
* Utilization of memory drives in a number of computers

Photos, images, photos. Pictures are among the most loved things. It captures an extra of life for long periods then we merely take pictures using our Camera. In the event you lost those memories, don't worry, it will be easy to acquire better lost photos using photo recovery software.

This i will show How you can perform samsung galaxy data recovery
Step A. Download software from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/photo-recovery.htm and install on your pc.
Step B. Connect your card with the computer. Open the installed software.
Step C. Find the way you'll want to recover photos, " Deleted Recovery" or " Format Recovery" .
Step D. Scan you card, then choose the photos you'll need, click "Recover".

Yet another tip
Do not write any data for a samsung galaxy to shield from extreme heat plus order to avoid the results lose.

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