Confront Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note Security Hole:Any Remedy?

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note users, Please note that, according to an Android Central report, Samsung is working hard on a patch to fix a vulnerability in Android phones that use its Exynos processor.The vulnerability was first discovered this weekend, and it affects recent Samsung phones like the international Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 which use Samsung’s Exynos processor. The vulnerability lets malicious apps take control of the RAM in the smartphones and essentially control the entire phone from there.These vulnerability may cause your phone is attack,the data in the mobile phone maybe damage, thus need for appropriate way to recover Samsung Galaxy .

Samsung didn’t give a timetable for the update, saying only that it will release and update as quickly as possible.It’s unlikely that most users will encounter an issue with the vulnerability. Malicious apps have to contain specialized code to take advantage of the exploit. Users who don’t download suspicious apps shouldn’t have any issues with the exploit. Popular apps from the Google Play Store won’t contain the code required.

U.S. Galaxy S3 owners also won’t have to worry about the update because the U.S. version of the phone doesn’t use Samsung’s Exynos processor. The U.S. versions of the phone use dual-core Snapdragon S4 processors instead, because the Exynos processor couldn’t support 4G LTE at the time of the phone’s release.The U.S. Galaxy Note 2 does use Samsung’s Exynos processor, however, so those users should avoid any suspicious apps. All smartphones should avoid suspicious apps, however, regardless of their smartphone of choice.

You tell me, so pity that you don't have not seen this information sooner. Your phone has been attacked, the inside of the data are destroyed, unable to open. You are very heartache lose some valuable data. Don't be sad, this kind of situation cause data loss can be rescued.Below I will tell you how to recover samsung galaxy note .

The best way to recover mobile phone data is use mobile phone data recovery software. I have a friend who is in the samsung data service company, I specially to ask his advice on this problem. He said that today's recovery software multifarious, want to find a reliable material benefit is not easy. The best Samsung Data Recovery software he had used is Tenorshare. This software operation is simple, and that there would be no data recovery incomplete situation.
Below I will show you how to use the software to recover samsung mobile phone data step by step.
1. Connect Samsung Galaxy to a computer with USB cable. Choose Mass Storage on the Android, a green android picture pops up, press the Turn On button. Run Samsung Galaxy Recovery, in the main interface, check the removable drive and click "Scan".
2. Samsung Galaxy Recovery allows you to preview pictures and songs. Check the files in the task list and preview them in the right window. Check the files in the task list, you can select them all at once, or choose some of them one by one.
3. At last, click "Recover" and specify a save path for the recovered data.

The method  above not only suitable for Galaxy S3 and Note 2, but also be used to recover Samsung Galaxy tab

Data security had been an important problem needing to pay attention to when use electronic products, but also don't need too nervous. After all, all the problems  have it's solutions!

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