Forgot Samsung Galaxy Password, Tips to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Password

"Forgot samsung galaxy password, help! I locked my Samsung Galaxy S as I used wrong pattern 20 times. What should I do now to reset Samsung Galaxy password?" This is the common going for some comparative value privacy samsung users.

Samsung phones have a security sub-menu for locking the phone, setting up emergency numbers, enabling voice privacy and various other restrictions. A locked phone blocks all outgoing calls, except those to 911 and any user-defined emergency numbers. A Samsung phone can be locked manually, or set to lock automatically when turned on.

When the phone is locked, you can answer calls but not make them.You can change the password in the security menu. From the settings menu, select "Phone Settings" and then "Security." The text "Enter Code" will appear on the display. Enter a four digit password. If you select "Lock Phone" and press "Lock," the phone will lock immediately. If you press "Unlock," the locking is over-ridden and the phone will remain unlocked. Selecting "On Power Up" makes the phone lock the next time you power your phone.If your phone is locked but you have not set a password, the default code is the last four digits of your phone number.

When you set the password and forgot it, try the way below:
1. machine closed case, hold down the volume + key and is used to boot you turn off the power button
2. about 3 seconds, you will see the samsung logo, the loosen the power button, but still can't loose volume up key until you see the screen starting recovery (recovery screen appears)
3. use volume key control, select reset \ wipe data, press power key sure,The machine started to reset
4. and all completed, choose reboot system, according to the power key, everything complete

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  1. Thanks for this helpful idea. This will work to lots of people who are facing this problem. samsung galaxy

    1. But does this method wipe the whole phone clean, as in losing pictures, music, and contacts?