Samsung Galaxy Note II-Splendiferous Christmas Gift

Christmas is coming, what gifts do you want to received ? Someone said smart phone! And what's the most popular smart phone at present ? If I can get smart phone for Christmas gift, I hope it's Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung is launching its Galaxy Note II smartphone complete with 5.5-inch screen and stylus along with the latest Android smarts to take on iOS, Windows Phone 8 and everyone else! New age of communication - no longer voice and text. Reams of pictures - the visual communication era. More and more important and a part of how we communicate with family and friends. We've been listening to that community. People want high quality image capture, power to edit, power to share seamlessly - this is the Samsung Galaxy Camera section of the launch.

Camera powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Quad Core processor for easy and efficient sharing. Galaxy Camera keeps you connected wherever you are - ultra fast Wi-Fi and 3G for constant connectivity. Do it all straight from the camera - snap picture, edit, upload and share to social networks easily.

Share shot - no more "painful group photos" where everyone says "take one more photo with my camera". Share shot lets you take one photo and share it between devices easily. The auto upload feature saves photos directly to the cloud as you take them - for peace of mind. Makes it easy to share photos for people who are far away.

Shooting pictures with the Galaxy Camera is truly a pleasure - easy and power. A Super Long ZOOM LENS... 21x super long zoom! Galaxy Camera is feature with 21x optical zoom lens - 100% glass - you get the same crystal clear pics for close and zoom shots.

By maitaining that sharpness, you can zoom in later with another device or program and get digital zoom as well.
Aperture [missed a bit here]... increases camera's capability of taking great low light photos.

Outstanding photos anyone can be proud of - is by using the Smart Pro Mode - there are 15 modes preset in the camera. No fiddling or practice - just choose the mode you want - the camera will take care of the rest.

First example - action freeze mode. Crisp photos even of fast moving subjects. Light Trace mode - for a river of lights, think car lights - and also Blue Sky mode - no more washed out sky. Glorious blue sky for all your photos.Not just still shots - full HD video is supported as standard and great for sharing amongst all digital devices.Slow motion menu too - shoot wide VGA quality at 120 frames per second. You'll see it without the artifacts you get from artificially rendering slow payback.You can enjoy - Galaxy Camera's 4.8-inch HD super clear touch screen "is exacty what a camera display should be". Double brightness without draining battery.

Knowing how great samsung galaxy note 2, do you also want to have one like me?

And if you really get the Note 2 as Christmas  present few days later, what things you should pay attention to when used it ? The common issues is lost data from phone that you do not want. Is there any way to recover Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ?

Don't panic! Nowdays so many data recovery companies provides data recovery software. You should compare the rate and choose a best one according to your requirements. To recover Samsung Galaxy, I recommend Tenorshare Data Recovery,Tenorshare provides you excellent data rescue tools that can recover photos, videos files and documents from hard drive and other storage devices. This tool also a good Christmas gift!

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