Get back your 2013-How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4,S3, Note 2

Say good bye to 2013, but don't good bye to your Samsung Galaxy Deleted photos

2013 is coming to the end, we may gain many things in this year, but also we may lost many things.For example, you accidetanlly deleted photos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4, S3, Note 2 or other models in this series. You may be sad for your favourite Samsung Galaxuy phone said good bye to you, and you are ready to accept the truth, and want to say good bye to those deleted photos? Hey, don't give up, I tell you the truth, you can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy phone.

Fast guides for how to recover Samsung Galaxy deleted photos

Accidental deletion for Samsung Galaxy photos is very common during using Samsung Galaxy phone. However, less of us know that, deletion just means only the space that the file occupies is marked as blank and can be reused by new files. Deleted file will be still in the space until new data save to the space and overwrite it.

So, firstly, when you realize that you do a wrong deletion for your photos in Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4, S3, Note 2, and would like to restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy, you need to stop taking photos with your phone and save new photos to it.

Then,find solutions to get back delted photos.

Common solutions for Samsung Galaxy deleted Photos recovery

Soluton 1:Restore from KIES via backup
For Samsung Galaxy phone users, they generally use KIES which is provides by Samsung to manage their phone in computer. In this software, you can backup and restore your Samsung Galaxy phone data such as contacts, sms, photos, setting, etc to computer. So, when you lost photos from your Samsung phone, you can try to restore from KIES via backup.

Soluton 2:Android data recovery software
However, sometimes, life don't go well as we expect. You don't have backup for your Samsung Galaxy photos. How can you recover them. Here, you need an Android data recovery software named Tenorshare Android Data Recovery to help you get back deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4,S3,Note 2:

Step 1:Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to computer and launch Tenorshare Android Data Recovery.

Step 2:Follow the guides from the software to make it recognize and scan your phone.

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview your deleted photos, then just choose the one you want to recover.

Good bye to 2013, but see you again, Samsung Galaxy data recovery

Thank you to read the last my last post in 2013. I feel very happy and thankful to share some tech about Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery, I hope this software can help you to solve problem.

See you!


How to recover Samsung Galaxy data without Google backup

Android OS have featured a Google service firmware. Google service is very useful in Android OS, especial for data backup. We can use Google account to sync Android contacts, text messges, photos or other data.

Samsung Galaxy phones also have this convenient feature, so if we need to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Ground data, we can sync them to Google server. However, when the automatical sync don't be enbled, or the Google account didn't sync the data you want to server. How can you backup and recover data from Samsung Galaxy phoen without Google backup? Calm down! Now I will show you how can I do:

Part I : Backup and restore from KIES

KIES is the official software provied by Samsung, which is used to manamge Samsung Android phone on the computer. With the help of KIES, we can backup our contacts, text messages, photos, or some other data to computer. You can download from here: http://www.samsung.com/us/kies/. When you lose data from your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, etc, you can restore lost data from KIES backup. Of course, you need to have the habit for backing up your Samsung Galaxy data to KIES regularly.

recover samsung galaxy data without google backup

Part II: Get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy via Android Data Recovery software

The 3rd-party Android data recovery software is another awesome way to restore data from Samsung Galaxy. In this way, you can directly get back data from the phone.

recover samsung galaxy data without google backup

You may wonder that why can those lost data be recoved from the Android phone?

Indeed, any lost data won't be erased at once from the phone internal memory or external memory card. Take deleted photo in Samsumng Galaxy as an example, when we deleted a photo from the phone, the file system just make it invisible. Until the data need to save to the space where the "deleted" files located, we still have chance to find back the deleted files. So, based on the principle, Android data recovery software can scan out and help up get back lost contacts, text messages, photos, call history and videos from Samsung Galaxy phone without Google backup.

Besides, those recovery software is easy to use for us. Only 4 step, lost data in Samsung Galaxy phone will be back:

Step 1 ; Connect your phone to computer and launch Android data recovery software.

Step 2: Following the guides of the software to enble USB debugging and storage in your phone, then the software will detect your phone.

Step 3: After detecting, you can choose what data you want to scan out, and allow the software to scan your phone.

 Step 4: After scanning, you can prrview and recover the data you want.

(Remember: If you use Android data recovery software to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone, you had better use your phone as less as possible before you get back lost data)


The Black Friday-Android data recovery software for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4,Samsung Galaxy Round

Welcome! The Black Friday

Are you ready for the BLACK Friday in this year? We all are looking forward to this big day, and I think you are preparing for finding information of promotion. Yes, so do I! I have listed out what I need to buy and found out where have the biggest discount.I see most Android phone will have nice price, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy 4, etc.
However, I don't intend to introduce some the back friday promotion for Android gadgets, while another important fitting. Thanks to the popular of Android phone, especially Samsung Galaxy series, we can see many problem about how to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

What can cause photos, videos, contacts, text messages loss from Samsung Galaxy

Based on the description of the data loss "victims" on the web, we can list out some common reasons for Samsung Galaxy data loss:

*Have a phone reset or restore and everything gone.

* Music files missing in data transferring between your Android phone and PC or Mac machine.

* Formatted the removable media memory card (SD, CF, memory stick etc) equipped within the phone.

* Unable to read images, videos or music files in the gallery due to memory card error.

* When connecting Android phone (memory card) to PC, it says "the card is not formatted, would you like to format it now?"

* Accidentally press "delete" button on the phone and erased some photos or videos just taken with camera function.


So, when we are in above trouble, any way can help us restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy?

black friday promotion for android  data recovery software

No backup! Only Android data recovery software can help you

Generally, we can get back lost Samsung Galaxy data such as photos, contacts, text messages, and call log from backup in Gmail account, Google+, or other backup and restore apps. However, when we have no backup, this way won't work. In this case, we need to use Android data recovery software.

(Note: when you use data recovery software to recover data from Android phone, you had better use your phone as less as possible, because those lost data may be still in the phone but just invisible. If you keep using the phone frequently, those lost data will be overwritten by new data that generate during daily using. Besides, most Android data recovery software just can recover contacts, text messages and call history from rooting phone.)

Here are the easy steps for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Round data recovery:

Step 1: Install Android data recovery software to your computer, and shut down other Android managenment software to avoid incompatible.

Step 2: Then connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to computer and enabling USB debugging and storage in the phone is needed.

Step 3: At this moment, the recovery program must detect your phone, you just need to follow the guide from the program to get back your lost data.

Big news for Tenorshare Android Data Recovery of the black Friday promotion:http://www.card-data-recovery.com/purchase/index.htm#50offl


Tips about Samsung Galaxy S4 data recovery after update to Android 4.3

Samsung Galaxy S4 will eat Jellbean again soon

After Android 4,4 Kitkat release, many Android handset frequently recieve Android 4.3 update, which can regard as a ready for Android 4.4 Kitkat update. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of those luckies which can eat Android 4.3 Jelly bean.
It is known to all, Android OS is a matter that can't be treated carelessly. We should get well ready for it to restore important data after update. In Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update, we had better pay attention to data keeping of the phone, and after working, we can recover data for Samsung Galaxy S4 easily. Let' go to do it!

The ways for backup and restore Samsung Galaxy S4 data, before and after Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update

Before Update: As I said above, we need to backup the important data in the mobile phone before OS update, because system update may clean all the thing in the phone. Generally, we have several methord to backup Samsung Galaxy S4:

1.Hey, KIES!!

We should need to use KIES that is the official management software for Samsung Galaxy phone to update S4. So, before operating update, we can use this software to sync our contacts, text messages, photos, canlender data to the server or the computer. After update, we can use it restore data as well. It is very convenient.

2. OK, Google

Another easy way to backup Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is Google service. We exactly can see Google firmware in Samsung Galaxy S4, such as Gmail, Google +, Google drive, etc. They also are the good helper for Android phone data recovery. In the setting>account and sync, we can sign up and login a google account, then use the sync features, our contacts, text messages, canleder, even photos can backup to the server of Google.
After OS update, you just login to your Google anccount, then you can sync those data backup by one click.

3.Nice, other backup apps

Of cource, you can choose other backup ways, for example, I like to use an apps named "Titanium backup" to backup apps and its data to the storage or memory card. It is easy as well, but you need to root your phone (no matter before update or after update). Possibly, you can other apps, such as dropbox which is like Google drive can upload files to server to backup.

4. Specially, for contacts and text messages

I think the most important data in our Samsung Galaxy S4 are the contacts and text messages, so we should give more protection for them, if they lose. We will have a big trouble, and Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts, text messages is not easy.
In fact, we can use SIM card to backup our contacts and text messages in Samsung Galaxy S4. Android OS update won't cause data loss from SIM card. Here, we can copy our conctacts and text messages to SIM card.

For contacts, go to contacts app, tap out the menu, you will see the "import/export contact" option, choose it, then select export to SIM card(you can export to memory card as well), your contacts will copy to SIM card, as long as you import them after OS update, you can get back your contacts.

For text messages, you need to long press the text messages you want to backup, then you will see the "copy to SIM card" option, yes, just tap it, your text messages will save to SIM card easily. After update, you can find them back in the option named "sms in the SIM card" of the text messages app setting.

samsung galaxy s4 data recovery after Android 4.3 update

If we have no backup!!! How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4 after Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update

Sometime the god like to play a joke on us, if we update Samsung Galaxy S4 but withtout backup, is there any hope to restore lost from Samsung Galaxy S4??

Don't lose hope! We still have chance to get back lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos, and call history from Samsung Galaxy S4 after Android 4.3 update.

But you should remember, don't use the phone before getting back data. If you keep using the phone, save new data to it, those lost data may be not able to be recoverd.
Here, we need some tool to help us: Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Android file recovery software that can recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history from Android Phone and Tablet.Get more detail about Tenorshare Android Data Recovery here: http://www.card-data-recovery.com/product/android-data-recovery.html

Just follow the guide of Android data recovery software, we can retrieve data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

Are the tips useful? If you have other opinion about Samsung Galaxy S4 data recovery or OS update, you can share with me!!


Free your Samsung Galaxy S4-root Samsung Galaxy S4 easily

It is reported by South Korea media that there are over 4,000,000 Samsung Galaxy S4 have been sale around the world. There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most popular Android phone in the world, (not "one of" the most popular).

Today, I want to said some techs in Android device!

For most of Android phone users, when they get the new gadget, they would like to root their phone as soon as possible. Rooting can free the phone, after rooting, you can clean the useless apps which have been installed in factory, and you can custom your phone OS. However, rooting will make your phone be under bigger danger. Anyway, the pro of rooting is more than cons. Let's know how to root Samsung Galaxy S4!!!

Preparation for Samsung Galaxy S4 rooting

Of course, we need some tools to root our S4, but the first headwork for rooting is backing up your phone data. Although rooting won't wipe data from phone, but some accidents happen when rooting is running, our phone OS may crashed. So it is necessary to backup Samsung Galaxy S4 data such as photos, contacts, text messages, videos, call history, apps, and so on. If data loss, you need to do greater effort to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy S4.

On the other hands, you need to sure that you havre prepare well:

1. Your Samsung Galaxy S4(i9500)

2.Cofface’s CWM Recovery & Root(dowload here)

3.At least 50% battery remaining on your device

4.Odin3 Flash Utility (download here)

5.Samsung Android USB driver for your Galaxy S4 (Download here 

(Announcement: I won't take any responsibility for any damage to your device as a result of following these instructions, you have to be at your own risk for rooting.)

Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Step by Step

Step 1: Dowload all the necessary tools, and install odin3 and driver to your computer.

Step 2: Launch Odin 3 in your computer, and connect your phone in dowdload mode. Here you need to do combined operation to make your phone in download mode. Firstly, power off your device, plug USB cable to your computer, hold down the Volume Up + Down at the same time, plug in the USB cable to your S4 while still holding down the volume buttons.

Step 3: after step 2, if you do the right operation, the Odin tool will detect your phone. The you can see some option in the right of Odin3. Under PDA, select the cofface_samsungI9500_recovery_en_0503.tar file to flash the recovery, which will later be used to root the device. Make sure that Re-Partition is unchecked, and don’t touch any other setting. Hit the Start button to begin flashing the new PDA.

root samsung galaxy s4

Step 4: Once the flash is complete, the phone will reboot. Wait for boot to complete, and then power it back off. And Reboot the phone into CWM recovery that you just installed by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home buttons whilst powering on the device.

Step 5: In the CWM mode, you can see a "root your phone" option, just choose it and follow the guides to complete rooting.

samsung galaxy s4 recovery

Step 6:Reboot your device once again, and you will have the Super User app installed on your Galaxy S4 GT-I9500. Please ensure to not update the su binaries after this.
All of rooting Samsung Galaxy S4 have been done . Good luck!

Know how to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4 here, if you lost data after rooting: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/recover-samsung-galaxy.html 

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Soures :http://www.redmondpie.com/root-galaxy-s4-gt-i9500-on-android-4.2.2-how-to-tutorial/ 


Phablet? Just a bigger smartphone- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 VS HTC One Max

Phablet's age?

After Sony unverild the first phablet-Sony Xperia Z Ultra in the world, a new concept of mobile device come to our mind. Phablet-phone +tablet. It sounds very high-tech, but actually, this "new" is just a gimmick of a bigger smartphone. Anyway, every big one in this industry like to follow this fashion. After Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung and HTC also release their phablet products: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max!

Today, let 's go to make a big and big compared review for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max.

Appearance is our first feeling- Not only big

Indeed, both phone have a good first impression. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is still designed as a cobble whose corners are round and soft, but the biggest difference of Note 3 is that its meterial of shell isn't only plastic like former Galaxy series product. Its faux leather back offers us outstanding touch feeling,however, the leather make the devie looks like tacky. While HTC One Max use aluminium cladding to make the shell. more high-tech and firm.

Although HTC One Max has a metal body, it doesn't mean it can bright our eye when we glance at this device, because HTC One Max is just a bigger verison of HTC One-yes, MAX version! So, it looks like the same as HTC One, but bigger. However, this Max version doesn't make as unibody design like HTC One, it supports back cover removing, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is able to remove back cover as well, and even it allow remove battery, but HTC One Max doesn't.
It is hard to say which phone is more beautiful. It depends on your style and love. Just choose the one you like.

samsung galaxy note 3 vs htc one max

Specs War between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max

Nowaday, to meet the demand of cumsumer, the every manufaturers of smart phone make their flag-ship products with a powerful hardware specs. As the high-end products, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max have satisfactory specs.

What come to first is the screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 continute to use AMOLED screen with 5.7 inch which can display the more realistic colours. While HTC One Max use a LCD screen with 5.9-inch that can provide the turer white for user. We can't say which is better as well, becasuse different users have different demand, but AMOLED screen have more suitability. 5.7 inch and 5.9 inch, I think they are big enough for reading, wacthing videos, and surfering Internet.
For other specs, you can have a look in the following table:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Size and weight
79* 151* 8.3(mm), 168g
83* 165* 10.3(mm), 217g
Snapdragon 800 quad core 2.3Ghz, HSPA  Exynos octa core 1.9Ghz
Snapdragon 600 1.7Ghz
Rom and Ram
16/32G and micro-SD, 2G
32/64G and micro-SD, 3G
 388 pixels/inch
373 pixels/inch
13MP, 2MP front
4MP, 2.1MP front

recover data from samsung galaxy note 3, htc one max

connotation-Software setting of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max

When it comes to software optimization, both of them have a good reputation. Two big guy run on Android 4.3 Jelly bean, and the UI of two phone have been customized as unique style of Samsung and HTC- Touchwiz and Sense. Take Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as an example, there are no big difference with other Galaxy series phone in UI, but Samsung add some optimization and the features which can support Samsung Gear Watch.

However, for HTC One Max, there is a software feature we can't ignore, as you know from the above table of specs, HTC One Max just have 4MP pixels camera, which is a "other type" in high-end smart-phone. Why HTC equip a low-end pixel camera to a flag-ship? We can get the answer from the software. HTC have added a tech named" Zoe" which can make photo looks like being taken by 1300MP( HTC announced). Besides, HTC One Max is equip with the finger sensor like iPhone 5S, and it is the first Android phone wich have this spec. However, how is the practical experience? We need to see when we are using.
Other software features are not so special, you can have a look in Cnet or their official site.

Conclution-no big suprise, as well as no disappointment

All in all, both of the two phone have the thing which will appear in a flag-ship, big screen smart-phone. However, we can choose based on the specs and easy-to-use feature, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is better for user to use. HTC One Max have good material body and new tech of finger sense. All in all, both of them are the good choice of big screen smart-phone.

Know more : Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs iPhone 5s
                      Samsung Galaxy Note 3 data recovery
                      HTC One data recovery


Samsung Galaxy Photos Recovery- Recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The pace of product unveil in Samsung Galaxy serious is so fast. Not long ago, Samsung Galaxy announced that it will unveil the first flex Android phone in the world- Samsung Galaxy Round. And It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S5 and another Galaxy series which name Galaxy J will come in the first season of next year.

Review for the products which were released by Samsung in last month, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is undoubtedly the most cared about. With a powerful camera, users love to take photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As the widely use of this phone, we can see many questions about how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

What we should do after photos loss from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

In fact, you can learn in my older post, no matter which storage media loss data, the first step is stopping using the device. It is the same in Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you had better not ust it to take photo after accidentally photos deletion. If have to use, as less as possible.

And then, I think you eagerly want to restore deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy Note 3. At this moment, you need to do something else that can improve the possibility of photos recovery in Samsung phone.

1. free the space of phone- you can delete someting useless in your phone internal memory or memory card. This action can prevent deleted photos overwritten by new data even if you have to use phone after data loss. And when you use recovery software to recover deleted photos, the speed of scanning will be faster.

2. Check backup before recovery- Most Android phones have the backup and restore feature. When data loss from Samsung phone, try to find backup data from your phone. Maybe you will have surprice!

3. Tool readying- if you need to recover photos from Samsung phone on computer, you have to prepare a USB cable, and install the drive for Samsung phone. I think there have been drive on your computer, if you have been used to manage your phone on computer.

recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy note 3

How can I do Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deleted photos recovery

To recover data from Samsung Note 3, there are two ways we can refer to.

Way 1: Use backup data

As the name implies, we can restore deleted photos by backup data. Here you can check the Google account which is generally featured in Android phone. Generally speaking, you can find the backed up data in the clound server in Google. Or if you have been installed some data backup app to your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, such as Dropbox, Titanium, etc, you can find backup from them, because they will automatically sync to the server.

Anther way of bacup restore is trying to restore photos from Kies which is the official management tool on computer by Samsung. Of course, what if you use other similar tool, you can check them as well.

Way 2: Ask Android data recovery for help

Unfortunately, you have no backup, dose it mean there is no way to do Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deleted photos recovery? Don't worry, man! With the help of some tool, we can get back lost photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Android file recovery software that can recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history from Samsung Galaxy Note 3/ Note 2/S4/S3/S2/S1 and Tablet. You can get more detail about Tenorshare Android Data Recovery here: http://www.card-data-recovery.com/product/android-data-recovery.html.

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 data recovery.


Nice tips for how to backup and sync Samsung device data via Kies

To provide better experience and service for users, most Android phone manufacturers suplly a management software for user to manage phone data on computer. For example, Samsung Kies is a free software for Samsung devices to allow us to manage data on computer.

Like iTunes or other brands of Android phone management application. Kies have backup and sync feature which can help you backup your Samsung phone or tablet data to computer and cloud server. Here, let's go to learn how to backup and sync Samsung data via Kies.

backup samsung with kies

Firstly, you can download the Kies from here: http://www.samsung.com/us/kies/ it has Widows version and Mac version, so you just get it based on what OS is used by you. Then, you need to install it to your computer.

You can see in the interface of Kies, it allows you backup contatcts, photos, music, videos, etc in your Samsung device. Those data are so important in our life. What if they lose accidently, it is hard to recover lost data from Samsung device.

Secondly, you just need to connect your Samsung device to computer and launch Kies, then you can see the app will recognize your device and show the model name in tab.

Lastly, click the data you want to backup, here you need to choose the path where store the backup data. And if you want to sync and restore backed up data, you just choose "restore".

P.S. How to Recover Samsung Android data without backup:

Samsung Kies is good tool for Samsung users get back lost data when accident happen. However, if you forget backing up data before when data loss from Samsung device happem, how can you get back lost data especial for photos, contacts, text messages, etc from Samsung device.

Here, only Android data recovery software can help you, know more here: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/restore-samsung-galaxy.html


Which is better?- iPhone 5s VS Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Two biggest Marketing Sharers 's War

The Septemper is not a peaceful time for smart-phone market. Every manufacturers of mobile phone released their new flag-ship smart-phones. The most interesting is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5s. Both of them just were unveiled and sale not long ago, The gold iPhone 5S even is over-booking all around the world. So, we may wonder that which is better between iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Let's have a "VS" for them.

Part I: Appearance-Design, Colors, Size, etc

Nowadays, the homogeneity of smart-phone is more and more serious. Most phones look like the same, so the phone which has a handsome or beautiful look will get the hearts of comsumers.

We can learn that, iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has no big difference with their "old brothers", iPhone 5s still has a Apple stlyle design- a elongated shape with rounded corners, and meta keep on being used for the shell. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 still is Samsung cobblestone stlye, but what surprise us is the rear of the shell is made of leather, which make the look like more high-class and elegant.

The size of both phones has a big change, you can see in the following photos. Both of them is bigger and longer than their elder generation-iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but thinner. And if we compare in both of them, of course, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a bigger screen than iPhone 5s, while iPhone 5s is tinner than Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This two phone are comfortable for us to catch in hands, even Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a big monster. However, as for me, I prefer the smaller one.

Colorful is an important factor for a mobile phone to meet the demand of comsumer. both gadgets are sold in three different colors. The "space gray" and the "champagne gold" iPhone give us a break, while the gold and silver models have white faces. The front colors of the three different Samsung Note 3 models match their backs. The pink is lovely, right?

Part II: immanence-hardware and software

Some geeks will pay more attention to the performance of the phones. Ok, we keep on talking about the specs of both phone.

First of all is the display. We can learn the from the photos, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a better performance in display, and its big screen is good for the fans of game and video.

And then, camera is an important focus for us. Apple seems a "other type" in smart-phone market, when other producers keep improving their camera pixel of products, it just make iPhone stay in the 8mp stage. While Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has 13Mp rear camera which is the main-stream spec of flag-ship smartphone. However, with the high-tech and software adjustment, iPhone 5s still has a good photography experience.

Again, we need to talk about the core of the smartphone-processer. Both of the manufacturers are the leader in technology in the world, especial Apple. iPhone 5s is equiped with a A7 dual-core CPU which has 1.3GHz but has been shifted to 64bit. With this chip, ram in the phone will more free than elder device, and other powerful feature can more smoothly run. On the other hand, Samsung never be stingy for their flag-ship, Galaxy note 3 has two CPU version, one is eqiuped with the most high-class quad core chip of QUALCOMM-Snapdragon 800. Another uses Exynos octa core with 1.9GHz.

fingerprint sense

The last but not the least, new tech adding is anther focus of us. The two phone both are some forward-looking. Such as 4G LTE feature has been added, and voice control keep developing in the phone. And it is worthy to talk is the tehc of fingerprint sense in iPhone 5s. This is the big differentiating feature in the iPhone 5s, even is the first phone make uses of this tech. The sensor hide in the home button, which will earn your unique-as-a-snowflake print. Your fingerprint (and any other print that you teach it to trust) will unlock your phone, but anyone else will need a passcode. It's a great balance of smartphone security and convenience. As for Galaxy Note 3 just still use the techs which have used in Galaxy S4.

I can't give you a clear advice that which phone is better. I think we all have diifferent like and demand. Just choose the one we like. Both of them is good enough for us now.

More info: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Data Recovery          iPhone Data Recovery

sources: http://www.gizmag.com/samsung-galaxy-note-3-vs-apple-iphone-5s-specs-comparison/29128/


Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery-Quickly Way for Samsung Galaxy S4 Lost Contacts Recovery

Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4?

Some careless Samsung Galaxy S4 users may accidentally deleted the contacts or lost them because of no backup before factory resetting, rooting, flashing a new rom, etc. After those which were not supposed to happen. They will be hurry to look for the solution for Samsung Galaxy S4 lost contacts recovery.

As a matter of fact, there is no need to worry about how to get back lost contacts in the Andorid phone. There is some ways that can help you.

One: Recover Contacts from Samsung Galaxy with Backup

The developers of Android OS have add the " backup an restore" features to the system, users can backup and restore the Android phone data via those apps and function. let's look through them:

1. Google Account.

Google account or Gmail account are the indispensable feature in Android OS, it allows user sync their contacts, text messages, photos, vedios, and app data to the cloud server. When they need to restore data or change a Android phone, they can download the data back.

Therefore, Gmail account is a good helper for Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts restoration. You just go to setting>Account and sync, here you can login in your account and enable "automatically sync", the phone will sync the data regularly. (it need more power to suppory, so if you don't need to use feature, you can turn it off)

2. Export and import from SIM Card and Memory Card

When Android phone is widely used in the past year, many users found that the contacts just are saved in the internal memory of the phone, not the SIM card as the old generation mobile phone. That may bring some inconvenience for us, when contacts lose and no backup, there is no way to recover lost contacts from mobile phone itself。 In fact, the stock contacts apps has the feature of contacts backup,
We can check it with Menu>Export contacts, here we can choose export to sim card or memory card, (of course, backing up to all of them is more safety ). If you choose to export contacts to memory card, the system will generate a VCF file which can copy or trasfer to other storage meida.

Import contacts exactly is allowed, you can import the contacts backup in Contacts app menu!

3.The stock Backup and restore app of Samsung
Generally, every producers of Android phone will add a stock app which is used to backup and restore phone data when they custom the Android OS. No exception for Samsung, you use this app in Samsung Galaxy S4, when you need to backup phone data, you should know that this app will back all the data in the phone up and when you restore them, the previous data will be overwritten!

4. The 3rd-party backup and restore app
Many Android app provider have known the market of data backup and recovery of Android, so you can use them to backup and recover your Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts.

samsung galaxy s4 lotst contacts recovery

How to Recover Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4 without backup

Unfortunately, no backup we have! Does it mean no hope for data recovery for Samsung Galaxy S4. What the worse is Samsung phone don't have the app which can recover data from internal memory of phone,

Don't worry, we can still use the 3rd-party recovery software for Android to get back lost conacts on computer.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Android file recovery software that can recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history from Android Phone and Tablet.Get more detail about Tenorshare Android Data Recovery here: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/recover-samsung-galaxy.html


Get Ready-Know How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We are Waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

With the approach of September 4th, I am so excited as a Samsung fans. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be released in this day. Cheer! Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may comw with the amazing tech and surprise for us. A bigger screen, a more powerful cpu unit, and more perfect UI experence! However, after a new gadget of Samsung releasing and sale, we can find so many similar questions about how to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone. Accidetal deletion, phone factory reseting, memory card formatting or corruption, even the phone has a water damage!

Therefore, to avoid such accident happen, we need to do a good preparation for how to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


Possible to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

For this qustion, many people are wondering, they may think that, if the lost data were saved in the external memory card of the phone, there is way for data recovery from Android memory card, but data loss from internal memory of the phone, it is impossible to recover them, especial in a phone with Android 4.0 or newer OS, most data recovery is not able to recognize the phone as a drive.

Hey! Don't lose hope! Even if Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with Android 4.2, we still can use professional Android Data Recovery software to restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Those Android data recovery is special designed for Android device. As long as you have rooted your Android phone, those apps can scan your phone's internal memory space as well as external memory card in unrooted device.

samsung galaxy note 3 data recovery

How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android Data Recovery software

Before you use Android data recovery software to recover lost files from Samsung Galaxy Note 3. you need to stop using the phone. Don't store any new data to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to avoid the original data overwritten by new data, which can make your data gone permanently.

And then you can search for Android data recovery software on the web. Here, I want to share a recovery for Android which ever helped me recover photos from Samung Galaxy Note 2. If are interesting, you can keep on reading, or you can google the software by yourselves.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Android file recovery software that can recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history from Android Phone and Tablet.Get more detail about Tenorshare Android Data Recovery here: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/android-recovery.html.

Before doing data recovery with Android Data Recovery program, we need to do some preparation on the phone and computer.

1. Install the drive for the phone to computer, you can download the drive from official web of your phone.

2.Enable USB Debugging in your phone, different versions of Android os have different operation: For Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it is reported that it will come with Android 4.2, so you can enable USB debugging and storage by Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < click "USB debugging"

Then, you can download Tenorshare Android Data Recovery and install to computer. Here, you just follow the steps:

Step 1: Shut down other Android phone management software in computer, and launch Tenorshare Android Data Recovery. 

Step 2: Connect your Android phone to computer with USB cable, then the program will detect your phone.

Step 3:After detecting, you can click "next" button, and at the same time, a "permisson ask" from super user app may ouccr in your phone, you just click "allow", then click"start", scanning will begin.

Step 4:After the scan, your data will be classified by category, so you can easily choose any kind of them to preview. After preview, select your wanted ones, click “Recover” and choose a save path on your PC to save them.

Prevention is better than cure- Know how to backup data on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Although Samsung Galaxy Note 3 know come to us now, and we don't know what data backup features will be equiped in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. However, as an Android phone, we can back up data via the common way in Android device:

1. Sync contacts, messages, photos to Google account and Google +.

2. Copy contacts and text messages to SIM card or memory card.

3.Use origianl backup features and apps in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

4. Sync data to computer via Kies

All in all, Don't ignore the tip for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 data recovery.

Know more about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 here: http://samsung-data-recovery.blogspot.com/2013/08/samsung-galaxy-note3-news.html


Android Data Recovery-Samsung Android 4.3 Data Recovery

Android 4.3 will be widely used in Popular Samsung Phone

It is reported that Samsung Will upgrade the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition with Android 4.3. That 's good news for Samsung smart-phone users, We can foresee that Samsung will provide Android 4.3 update for most high-end smart-phone.

General Problem When Samsung Phone upgrade

Generally, for most users, upgrad Android system is not a easy job. Because of the a muilt-operation( when you do upgrade, you need to press different buttons at the same time), users may not can have a good react when performing Android OS upgrad. That may cause a updated failure which will result in data loss from Samsung phone. When this trouble happen, you need to recover data from Samsung phone. However, before we upgrad Android 4.3 for our Samsung phone, it is necessray to know what will will cause data loss when doing Android update:

1. forget backing up for phone data, especial the contacts, text messages, and photos.

2.device shut off when update performing because of low power. In this case, your Samsung phone may become a "soft-brick", and you may need to use flash-tool to install OS again, data will lose of course.

3.Rooting phone after upgrading for Android 4.3

samsung android 4.3 data recovery

How to Recover data from Samsung Android 4.3 Phone

And then, are there any way for Samsung Android 4.3 phone data recovery, when data loss happen? Don't worry! For Android device, we can exactly use Google account to sync back lost data, if have back up them before. And you can import contacts and textmessages from backup file in sim card and memory card of phone as well.

If you are unlucky that there is no backup or backup file lost, the best rescue solution for Android data recovery is use professional Android data recovery software.
Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Android file recovery software that can recover deleted, lost contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history from Android Phone and Tablet.Get more detail about Tenorshare Android Data Recovery here: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/android-recovery.html

As long as you follow the guides of the software, you can easily restore lost data from Samsung Android 4.3 phone:

I. connect you Samsung phone with Android 4.3 to computer, then launch the Tenorshare Android Data Recovery.

II. Enable USB debugging and storage in the phone to make the software detect you phone, for Android 4.3, enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < click "USB debugging".

III.After detecting, you can click "next" button, and at the same time, a "permisson ask" from super user app may ouccr in your phone, you just click "allow", then click"start", scanning will begin.

Note: if your Samsung Android 4.3 phone don't be rooted, you can use Tenorshare Android data recovery to recover photos and videos.

VI:After the scan, your data will be classified by category, so you can easily choose any kind of them to preview. After preview, select your wanted ones, click “Recover” and choose a save path on your PC to save them.

Tips for Phone Data Backup in Android 4.3

It is necessary to back up your phone data frequently, have a look here, know how to back up Android 4.3 phone data. Android 4.3 phone data recovery can be avoided.

1.Use Google account, register a Google account, you can sync your phone contacts, text messages, photos, and videos, etc to Google server or Google+

2.Import a copy to SIM card or memory card, Android phone doesn't have the feature of saving contacts to sim card automatically, so we need to save our contacts and text messages to SIM card by ourselves.

3.Use the official or the third-party Android management softwares to save phone data to computer.

More about Android 4.3: http://androiddatarecovery.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/android-4-3-and-android-data-recovery/


Easy Tips for Prolong Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Use

Battery time still is a big problem for Android phone

Any electronic gadgets need to work with electricity, for Android smart-phone, the battery must me able to support the phone at least can work in a day. However, even if developers have make the phone battery have more and more capacity of eletricity, such as Motorola Atrix. Certainly one sure-to-be takled about, Samsung Galaxy S4 which was released this year and equiped with the most advanced tech still is faced with the battery problem, even if it has 2600 mAh. If the phone suddenly power off when we are using it, data loss may happen, and Samsung Galaxy S4 data recovery is unavoidable, therefore, we have to know how to prolong Samsung Galaxy S4 battery use time.

Disable the features you don't need

As a high-end smart-phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 has many new nice features, which make the operation more convenient, such as eye-tracking feature, air gestures and S Translate. However, those feature need to be support by high battery depletion and we actually don't use those function frequently. So, when we don't need those thing, we can disable them to make the battery works at the key point.
Besides, it is better that when we don't need some apps, we had better turn off them, because those app which work on backstage will cost a lot of battery.

samsung galaxy s4 battery use

Use the power save mode

As most of other Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 has been added a power save mode as the standare software spec. We can make it work when the phone battery is low in the middle of the day . And this feature can be customed by user, the mode work time and other details feature setting are allowd.

Shutting down Sync and NFC feature

Some features in Android phone don't need to work at the time, the sync and NFC are the example, and these feature also will steal the battery without attention. You just can open Google sync when you need to sync data from phone. For NFC, this feature isn't necessary in daily using, so you can shut it down.

Use Black Wallpaper and Theme as far as possible

We all like to custom our phone with some beautiful wallpaper or the 3ed-party launcher themes. However, do you know that the lighter color can cause high-output of screen, which need more battery to support. It means a white wallpaper will cost more battery than a black wallpaper. Therefore, if you want to save battery for you phone, you can choose some wallpaper in dark color. Dark color also is beautiful, right? And lastly, although the livewallpaper is cool, it cost a lot battery.


Charge for battery before it runs out

Many people hold the point that only charge for the battery after it runs out. That may be not right. This option may reduce the life of the battery, so when your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery is low, you need to charge for it .

P.S. if you lose data from Samsung Galaxy S4 because of low power, don't worry! You can try to recover data from Samsung Galaxy with Android data recovery, more info: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/recover-samsung-galaxy.html


Samsung Galaxy Photos Recovery-Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Smart-phone or Camera, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

As the good selling of Samsung Galaxy S4, the relative version of Galaxy S4 also is hit in the market. When it comes to the most distinguishing Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom won't be igore.

In the name of "zoom" , Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is designed for photography, it is officially styled as the camera smart-phone. However, although Galaxy S4 Zoom is a phone, it have a big difference from other mobile phone- a lens is added in the back of the phone.

As the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a camera smart-phone, photos are the most files in the phone, and photo loss from Android devices is very common nowadays. Accidental deletion, factory resetting, memory card error, etc may cause photo loss from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

How Can we Do Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Photos Recovery

Before our work, we should know why we can recover lost photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Take deleted or formatted photos as example, deleting or formatting a file from Android device don't mean wiping data immediately. Indeed, file deletion or formatting is process. When we delete or formate something from any storage media. the file system just mark a "deleted" or "formatted" flag to the file, and for the memory space where the original data save in, it will mark a "blank" to make this space available for new data. Therefore, before the real file is overwritten by new data, we have chance to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy devices.

We learn that we have hope, but how can we achieve it?

For data recovery of Android, we generally use backup, such as Tiatanium app, Fackbook, etc can restore photos from backup. However they just work when you have backed up for phone data before. If we don't have any backup, we just can restore data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom by professional Android photo recovery program on computer.

I really recommended you use a Android recovery software named Tenorshare Android Data Recovery, which can help you do Android Data Recovery. You can recover contacts, call log, text messages, photos and videos from Android device, of course including Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

samsung galaxy s4 zoom photos recovery

Easy Guides to Recove人Photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Android Data Recovery program is a humanized for any level of users, with its help you can get back Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom lost photos with no sweating.

I: Run Android Data Recovery on your PC. Connect Galaxy S4 Zoom to the PC via USB cable.

II: Enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage according to the guide shown on the software interface. And then click "Next".

III:Click “Allow” on your Galaxy S4 to allow the program super user authorization. Then click “Start” on the software screen to start scanning your Galaxy S4 Zoom.

IV. Preview the lost photos and freely select the wanted ones to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.
See? Only 4 steps, you can easily finish the photo recovery for Samsung Galaxy device

What You Need to Remember When doing Photo Recovery

Firstly, to avoid lost data overwritting, no matter you accidently deleted photos or update phone system which cause data loss, use the phone as less as possible.

And secondly, if you want to recover photos from the internal memory of Samsung Galaxy S4, you need to root the phone, yet for external memory card data, you don't need to do this.

 Last but not the least, when you do Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom data recovery, keep the phone battery is over 20%.