How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy If Forgot The Google Account

How to unlock samsung galaxy if you forget the google account ? I was been asked such problem many times. First of all, I want to declare, I'm not a professional Samsung staff, but I'm very interested in samsung products, and I also often help some friends who use Samsung Galaxy solve some technical problems. In order to help more friends, I will share some experience about Samsung here from time to time. Let's start today's topic, how to unlock Samsung Galaxy.

First Case: Unlock Samsung Galaxy with Google Account.
Locked Samsung Galaxy, but luckily, you remember the google account username and password, things to be simple. Just try logging into google and click forgotten your password etc and go through it that way, once you have done this just type the user and password into your phone.

Second Case: Unlock Samsung Galaxy without Google Accout.
You forgot google account username and password unluckily,well, factory reset is the possible way for you. Warn:factory reset will make all your data loss, so it's necessary to backup the important data first. If you forgot to backup data, it doesn't matter, check out this tutorial http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/restore-samsung-galaxy.html to get your data back.

Perform Samsung Galaxy factory reset following these steps
1. power your phone completely down.
2. hold down the volume down button
3. tap the power button whilst doing this
4. the hboot screen should appear
5. use the volume buttons to scroll down to factory reset/restore (called different things depending on the software version)
6. click the power button to select
7. click power button to confirm
8. the phone will do a factory reset.

The methods above are D-I-Y, there is a more simple way, that's get in touch with the Samsung tec line.


Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 : Which Should You Get ?

Samsung galaxy series is surely became the biggest winner of the mobile phone market  recently. The most outstanding two representatives- Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note II , arguably one the most popular – and one the most profitable. Before that, Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 contradistinction is very hot, now people turn to a new contradistinction. Now that I write this comparative article niche targeting , it is time to start the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specification and the user experience battle. Let’s get it on!

Part I, Objective Data  Comparison

The fight includes five equally important rounds: price, android os version, cpu/processor and ram, battery, screen display.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is now priced at around $600 on Amazon whereas we are expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 price to be around $700!!

Android OS Version :
Galaxy Note 2 has the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box. Even the Samsung Flagship Galaxy S3 would be getting the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

CPU / Processor and RAM :
Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a powerful Samsung made Exynos 4 Quad ( Exynos 4412 ) 32 nm chip which is a A9 Cortex Quad Core processor with each core clocked at 1.4Ghz and the same Exynos 4412 Quad is in Galaxy Note 2, only difference is that it is clocked at 1.6GHz.
Samsung Galaxy S3 has 1GB RAM whereas the Galaxy Note 2 features a 2GB RAM.

Battery :
Galaxy S3 which does certainly lasts long even with moderate to heavy usage.
Now the Galaxy Note 2 has a 3100 mAH powerful battery.It certainly would give huge battery life and it seems that can easily last a day or two.
But yeah comparitively, Note 2 battery wouldnt be much superior to that of the Galaxy S3 because the Note 2 is a bigger device meaning more bigger battery.

Screen Display :
Now these are some big displays in the market and undoubtedly almost the maximum the technology could offer at the moment.The Samsung Galaxy S3 flaunts a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD display with a pentile matrix having 306 ppi (pixels per inch).Its having a resolution of 1280 x 720 ( 720p). Now whereas the Galaxy Note 2 is flaunts a gigantic 5.5 inch Super AMOLED HD with the same resolution surprisingly having the Pentile matrix as well.

Part II, The User Experience Contrast

Most of the time, user feedback is also very important, you can more truly to know the two mobile phone performance, include most things that not mentioned in the specification.

    * These 2 are wonderful smart phones of the year, if one decided to buy any one, they won’t select one from this easily since both are awesome specs. - from Taylor
    * I would say, it all depends, S3 is bit more expensive than galaxy note here. But Note gives more control over usage as its big in size. S3 is a proper phone while note is sort of alternate to tablet and laptops.  - from Norris
    * note 2 specs are little better than the s3 but there is not a major diff between them..if u like the bigger screen go with the note 2.if u like th lighter go with s3!!  - from Partridge

Whether the two parts comparison above help you guys decided which of these smartphones you gonna to buy? We are really interested to know your feedback !

By the way, Samsung Galaxy users, if you deleted,formatted, lost, corrupted, erased files from Samsung Galaxy phone by mistake, just following the guide below to get your data back soon:


Samsung Galaxy Screen is Broken, How to Recover Data

Recourse 1:
I have a samsung galaxy s2 with a broken screen Crying.I need to recover the data from it mostly contacts, photos and videos.My USB port is not working properly as well as the phone never gets detected.I dont have an insurance and cannot buy another screen as its very costly.I have tried all possible ways to recover the data when I try to connect through Kies it says Phone is locked.And the device is getting detected as Samsung Mobile USB Modem.Please guys help me out to recover my data.

Recourse 2:
I have been pulling out my hair on this trying to get a fix, and it seems that every time I get close....I hit a huge wall that stops me dead in my tracks. My screen was broken recently, I received my replacement promptly.  However, I forgot that for about two weeks all of the pictures, video, and files were saved to my phone.  I saved them to the phone because my SD card was full of music etc. SO.... I have downloaded Android AVD and from what I understand, by connecting the USB there should be some way that I can see my screen on my computer since I am not able to view it on the actual phone because of the damage.  I also tried Power Data Recovery tool and it doesn't recognize that my device is plugged into the computer.  When I go to my computer I see SGH-T9999 but when I click it, the folder is empty.

Recently, I received the above two similar problem on how to recover samsung galaxy if the screen is broken for help. So, I think it is very necessary to shared how I deal with this kind of situation when I met.

First, let's find out what caused data loss in samsung galaxy.
There are tons of reasons leads to your Samsung Galaxy data loss; here I pick out some main reasons to see if you have ever met them before.
* The USB disconnected accidentally when you are transferring data from your Samsung Galaxy to PC.
* The sudden power off of the machines when you are using them. This may lead to data loss, too.
* The virus infection. If your PC is infected by virus, you may lose your data, when you connect your Samsung Galaxy to it, you may also lose the data because of the virus.

According to the second reason above, we can learn why break Samsung screen will result in data loss. Next, we need to find out how to restore samsung galaxy. When a file is deleted, the reference to where the data is located is removed, but the data is still written on the disk. A data recovery service/software can examine the whole disk and identify all data on the disk to include that which has no reference in allocation tables. I had tested several softwares, and found Tenorshare is the most ideal. Here I will show how to use this software to recover data with 4 steps.
Step A. Download Tenorshare from
http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/photo-recovery.htm and install on your computer.
Step B. Connect your Samsung Galaxy with the computer. Open the installed software.
Step C. Select the way you need to recover data.
Step D. Scan you samsung galaxy phone, then choose the photos you need, click "Recover".

Warning: Don't save the recovered data on your Samsung Galaxy again. Find another place for it like on your computer or other external disk, for safety's sake.

In addition to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy, this data recovery software also can recover files formatted or lost due to other reasons from various mobile phones, USB drives, external hard drives, iPhone, personal computers and more. It's really a wonderful recovery software for your data's retrieval.