How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy If Forgot The Google Account

How to unlock samsung galaxy if you forget the google account ? I was been asked such problem many times. First of all, I want to declare, I'm not a professional Samsung staff, but I'm very interested in samsung products, and I also often help some friends who use Samsung Galaxy solve some technical problems. In order to help more friends, I will share some experience about Samsung here from time to time. Let's start today's topic, how to unlock Samsung Galaxy.

First Case: Unlock Samsung Galaxy with Google Account.
Locked Samsung Galaxy, but luckily, you remember the google account username and password, things to be simple. Just try logging into google and click forgotten your password etc and go through it that way, once you have done this just type the user and password into your phone.

Second Case: Unlock Samsung Galaxy without Google Accout.
You forgot google account username and password unluckily,well, factory reset is the possible way for you. Warn:factory reset will make all your data loss, so it's necessary to backup the important data first. If you forgot to backup data, it doesn't matter, check out this tutorial http://www.any-data-recovery.com/topics/mobile-devices/restore-samsung-galaxy.html to get your data back.

Perform Samsung Galaxy factory reset following these steps
1. power your phone completely down.
2. hold down the volume down button
3. tap the power button whilst doing this
4. the hboot screen should appear
5. use the volume buttons to scroll down to factory reset/restore (called different things depending on the software version)
6. click the power button to select
7. click power button to confirm
8. the phone will do a factory reset.

The methods above are D-I-Y, there is a more simple way, that's get in touch with the Samsung tec line.

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