How It's Possible To Reset Samsung Windows Password !

I forgot my Samsung laptop windows password because I put the password when I was sick! My warranty has expired, so that means no help from Samsung… I don’t know what to do! I tried restarting the whole system with reinstall CD…but it didn’t work… I tired the program again to make a new password…nothing worked. Could someone please help me!

forgot samsung windows password

In our daily life, we will often meet such a problem. Sometimes we can find the forgotten password easily just by trying hard to remember it. Actually the reason why we forgot the password sometimes is not due to our memory loss but because of psychological stress or tiredness. After taking a rest and calming down, then try to log in, I guess some of you will find the exact password for your Samsung login.

But for most people who forgot password on Samsung, having put the password for a long time is the certain reason that cause their memory loss. At this time if you haven’t created another user accounts in your laptop. Then without costing you time and money, you can almost hardly login to your laptop smoothly. You may be told by others to login with the window built-in super administrator account. This is wholly nonsense! Because Windows actually disables its super administrator account once you are asked to create an administrator account or user account for your laptop. Then is there still a way to reset the windows password?

Ways are always there. But you need to discover them and take action. Here I would like to recommend you a quite effective way.

Use Tenorshare Fix Genius
Step1: Prepare for a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Step2: Download and install Tenorshare Fix Genius from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/fix-genius.htm in any non-problem computer.
Step3: Create a windows password reset disk.
Run this program, and insert the prepared bland CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Then click “Burn” to start burning. Here take USB flash drive for example.
Step4: Set the Bios to boot from USB flash drive.
Start you locked Samsung laptop, and at the same time press “F2”, “F10” or “Delete” key to enter into Bios. As for the key, it differs from each computer brand to another.
Step5: Recover forgot Samsung password with the password reset disk made above.

After finishing the settings for Bios, the system will restart automatically. Then you will see the interface of Tenorshare Fix Genius and all the windows accounts will be displayed on this interface in a list. Just choose the one of which password you want to reset. Then Click “Reset”. After all those done, reboot your laptop. Then you can successfully login to your problem-laptop without a login password!

Have you read out this article? If so, will you ask “I forgot my Samsung windows password, how could I do?” again on many forums to seek for help? I guess never, because Tenorshare Fix Genius can be both your first and last resort to resetting forgotten windows password.

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