Samsung Galaxy Camera Failed-How to Fix Camera Failed Error on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung galaxy camera failed error on S3
Black screen and says warning camera failed when I turn the samsung galaxy camera. Camera failed. Starting camera, nothing happens, freeze. No help from several reboot or several factory data reset or just from several reset. Still gives error message (like you see on picture). Any other recommendations how to fix this error?

Generally speaking, one of the four ways below could solve the Samsung galaxy s camera failed error.

Way one
The taking photos are stored in the memory card, maybe something wrong happen on the storage, so try to format memory card.
Please Note: formatting memory card will cause data loss, before you do that, please backup important files. Don’t panics if you forgot to make a backup, Tenorshare Photo Recovery is the simple way help to recover lost data.

Way two
The old firmware on your current phone may have bugs, and then just need to update your phone to new firmware to see if it can help samsung galaxy s3 camera failed

Way three
Disable the Location option in your Samsung Galaxy.

Way four
Factory reset is the all purpose way to solve phone software problem.

Fix samsung galaxy camera failed error unsuccessful with four ways above?  Here is a method as most people have had success with it.
Step 1 Go into Settings, and choose Applications.

Step 2 Choose Running Services from the Applications menu.

Step 3 Press the Menu key to show the option Show cached processes when shown the list of Running services, select Show cached processes.

Step 4 Scrolling through the list of cached processes look for the Camera app and select it.

Step 5 You will have the option to Stop it when you select the Camera process.  Choosing Stop should successfully release the camera hardware.

Return to your home screen after stopping the cached camera process and try relaunching the camera program or whatever other program you were trying to run when you ran into the “Camera Failed” error message.

In my experience this methods have been as good and many times for camera failed samsung galaxy s error. Not only work on S3, but also work for samsung galaxy s2 camera failed and more Samsung galaxy versions.

Any question about Samsung Galaxy recovery? Please leave your comments!