Samsung Galaxy Photos Recovery-Recover Photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Smart-phone or Camera, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

As the good selling of Samsung Galaxy S4, the relative version of Galaxy S4 also is hit in the market. When it comes to the most distinguishing Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom won't be igore.

In the name of "zoom" , Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is designed for photography, it is officially styled as the camera smart-phone. However, although Galaxy S4 Zoom is a phone, it have a big difference from other mobile phone- a lens is added in the back of the phone.

As the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a camera smart-phone, photos are the most files in the phone, and photo loss from Android devices is very common nowadays. Accidental deletion, factory resetting, memory card error, etc may cause photo loss from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

How Can we Do Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Photos Recovery

Before our work, we should know why we can recover lost photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Take deleted or formatted photos as example, deleting or formatting a file from Android device don't mean wiping data immediately. Indeed, file deletion or formatting is process. When we delete or formate something from any storage media. the file system just mark a "deleted" or "formatted" flag to the file, and for the memory space where the original data save in, it will mark a "blank" to make this space available for new data. Therefore, before the real file is overwritten by new data, we have chance to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy devices.

We learn that we have hope, but how can we achieve it?

For data recovery of Android, we generally use backup, such as Tiatanium app, Fackbook, etc can restore photos from backup. However they just work when you have backed up for phone data before. If we don't have any backup, we just can restore data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom by professional Android photo recovery program on computer.

I really recommended you use a Android recovery software named Tenorshare Android Data Recovery, which can help you do Android Data Recovery. You can recover contacts, call log, text messages, photos and videos from Android device, of course including Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

samsung galaxy s4 zoom photos recovery

Easy Guides to Recoveń║║Photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Android Data Recovery program is a humanized for any level of users, with its help you can get back Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom lost photos with no sweating.

I: Run Android Data Recovery on your PC. Connect Galaxy S4 Zoom to the PC via USB cable.

II: Enable USB debugging and turn on USB storage according to the guide shown on the software interface. And then click "Next".

III:Click “Allow” on your Galaxy S4 to allow the program super user authorization. Then click “Start” on the software screen to start scanning your Galaxy S4 Zoom.

IV. Preview the lost photos and freely select the wanted ones to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.
See? Only 4 steps, you can easily finish the photo recovery for Samsung Galaxy device

What You Need to Remember When doing Photo Recovery

Firstly, to avoid lost data overwritting, no matter you accidently deleted photos or update phone system which cause data loss, use the phone as less as possible.

And secondly, if you want to recover photos from the internal memory of Samsung Galaxy S4, you need to root the phone, yet for external memory card data, you don't need to do this.

 Last but not the least, when you do Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom data recovery, keep the phone battery is over 20%.

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