Easy Tips for Prolong Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Use

Battery time still is a big problem for Android phone

Any electronic gadgets need to work with electricity, for Android smart-phone, the battery must me able to support the phone at least can work in a day. However, even if developers have make the phone battery have more and more capacity of eletricity, such as Motorola Atrix. Certainly one sure-to-be takled about, Samsung Galaxy S4 which was released this year and equiped with the most advanced tech still is faced with the battery problem, even if it has 2600 mAh. If the phone suddenly power off when we are using it, data loss may happen, and Samsung Galaxy S4 data recovery is unavoidable, therefore, we have to know how to prolong Samsung Galaxy S4 battery use time.

Disable the features you don't need

As a high-end smart-phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 has many new nice features, which make the operation more convenient, such as eye-tracking feature, air gestures and S Translate. However, those feature need to be support by high battery depletion and we actually don't use those function frequently. So, when we don't need those thing, we can disable them to make the battery works at the key point.
Besides, it is better that when we don't need some apps, we had better turn off them, because those app which work on backstage will cost a lot of battery.

samsung galaxy s4 battery use

Use the power save mode

As most of other Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 has been added a power save mode as the standare software spec. We can make it work when the phone battery is low in the middle of the day . And this feature can be customed by user, the mode work time and other details feature setting are allowd.

Shutting down Sync and NFC feature

Some features in Android phone don't need to work at the time, the sync and NFC are the example, and these feature also will steal the battery without attention. You just can open Google sync when you need to sync data from phone. For NFC, this feature isn't necessary in daily using, so you can shut it down.

Use Black Wallpaper and Theme as far as possible

We all like to custom our phone with some beautiful wallpaper or the 3ed-party launcher themes. However, do you know that the lighter color can cause high-output of screen, which need more battery to support. It means a white wallpaper will cost more battery than a black wallpaper. Therefore, if you want to save battery for you phone, you can choose some wallpaper in dark color. Dark color also is beautiful, right? And lastly, although the livewallpaper is cool, it cost a lot battery.


Charge for battery before it runs out

Many people hold the point that only charge for the battery after it runs out. That may be not right. This option may reduce the life of the battery, so when your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery is low, you need to charge for it .

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  1. Hey, thanks for the tips! The battery of my Samsung Galaxy S4 runs out super fast, I wondered what could have happened! Will try these tips, thanks!

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