Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery-Quickly Way for Samsung Galaxy S4 Lost Contacts Recovery

Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4?

Some careless Samsung Galaxy S4 users may accidentally deleted the contacts or lost them because of no backup before factory resetting, rooting, flashing a new rom, etc. After those which were not supposed to happen. They will be hurry to look for the solution for Samsung Galaxy S4 lost contacts recovery.

As a matter of fact, there is no need to worry about how to get back lost contacts in the Andorid phone. There is some ways that can help you.

One: Recover Contacts from Samsung Galaxy with Backup

The developers of Android OS have add the " backup an restore" features to the system, users can backup and restore the Android phone data via those apps and function. let's look through them:

1. Google Account.

Google account or Gmail account are the indispensable feature in Android OS, it allows user sync their contacts, text messages, photos, vedios, and app data to the cloud server. When they need to restore data or change a Android phone, they can download the data back.

Therefore, Gmail account is a good helper for Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts restoration. You just go to setting>Account and sync, here you can login in your account and enable "automatically sync", the phone will sync the data regularly. (it need more power to suppory, so if you don't need to use feature, you can turn it off)

2. Export and import from SIM Card and Memory Card

When Android phone is widely used in the past year, many users found that the contacts just are saved in the internal memory of the phone, not the SIM card as the old generation mobile phone. That may bring some inconvenience for us, when contacts lose and no backup, there is no way to recover lost contacts from mobile phone itself。 In fact, the stock contacts apps has the feature of contacts backup,
We can check it with Menu>Export contacts, here we can choose export to sim card or memory card, (of course, backing up to all of them is more safety ). If you choose to export contacts to memory card, the system will generate a VCF file which can copy or trasfer to other storage meida.

Import contacts exactly is allowed, you can import the contacts backup in Contacts app menu!

3.The stock Backup and restore app of Samsung
Generally, every producers of Android phone will add a stock app which is used to backup and restore phone data when they custom the Android OS. No exception for Samsung, you use this app in Samsung Galaxy S4, when you need to backup phone data, you should know that this app will back all the data in the phone up and when you restore them, the previous data will be overwritten!

4. The 3rd-party backup and restore app
Many Android app provider have known the market of data backup and recovery of Android, so you can use them to backup and recover your Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts.

samsung galaxy s4 lotst contacts recovery

How to Recover Lost Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4 without backup

Unfortunately, no backup we have! Does it mean no hope for data recovery for Samsung Galaxy S4. What the worse is Samsung phone don't have the app which can recover data from internal memory of phone,

Don't worry, we can still use the 3rd-party recovery software for Android to get back lost conacts on computer.

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