Phablet? Just a bigger smartphone- Samsung Galaxy Note 3 VS HTC One Max

Phablet's age?

After Sony unverild the first phablet-Sony Xperia Z Ultra in the world, a new concept of mobile device come to our mind. Phablet-phone +tablet. It sounds very high-tech, but actually, this "new" is just a gimmick of a bigger smartphone. Anyway, every big one in this industry like to follow this fashion. After Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung and HTC also release their phablet products: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max!

Today, let 's go to make a big and big compared review for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max.

Appearance is our first feeling- Not only big

Indeed, both phone have a good first impression. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is still designed as a cobble whose corners are round and soft, but the biggest difference of Note 3 is that its meterial of shell isn't only plastic like former Galaxy series product. Its faux leather back offers us outstanding touch feeling,however, the leather make the devie looks like tacky. While HTC One Max use aluminium cladding to make the shell. more high-tech and firm.

Although HTC One Max has a metal body, it doesn't mean it can bright our eye when we glance at this device, because HTC One Max is just a bigger verison of HTC One-yes, MAX version! So, it looks like the same as HTC One, but bigger. However, this Max version doesn't make as unibody design like HTC One, it supports back cover removing, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is able to remove back cover as well, and even it allow remove battery, but HTC One Max doesn't.
It is hard to say which phone is more beautiful. It depends on your style and love. Just choose the one you like.

samsung galaxy note 3 vs htc one max

Specs War between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max

Nowaday, to meet the demand of cumsumer, the every manufaturers of smart phone make their flag-ship products with a powerful hardware specs. As the high-end products, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max have satisfactory specs.

What come to first is the screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 continute to use AMOLED screen with 5.7 inch which can display the more realistic colours. While HTC One Max use a LCD screen with 5.9-inch that can provide the turer white for user. We can't say which is better as well, becasuse different users have different demand, but AMOLED screen have more suitability. 5.7 inch and 5.9 inch, I think they are big enough for reading, wacthing videos, and surfering Internet.
For other specs, you can have a look in the following table:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Size and weight
79* 151* 8.3(mm), 168g
83* 165* 10.3(mm), 217g
Snapdragon 800 quad core 2.3Ghz, HSPA  Exynos octa core 1.9Ghz
Snapdragon 600 1.7Ghz
Rom and Ram
16/32G and micro-SD, 2G
32/64G and micro-SD, 3G
 388 pixels/inch
373 pixels/inch
13MP, 2MP front
4MP, 2.1MP front

recover data from samsung galaxy note 3, htc one max

connotation-Software setting of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max

When it comes to software optimization, both of them have a good reputation. Two big guy run on Android 4.3 Jelly bean, and the UI of two phone have been customized as unique style of Samsung and HTC- Touchwiz and Sense. Take Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as an example, there are no big difference with other Galaxy series phone in UI, but Samsung add some optimization and the features which can support Samsung Gear Watch.

However, for HTC One Max, there is a software feature we can't ignore, as you know from the above table of specs, HTC One Max just have 4MP pixels camera, which is a "other type" in high-end smart-phone. Why HTC equip a low-end pixel camera to a flag-ship? We can get the answer from the software. HTC have added a tech named" Zoe" which can make photo looks like being taken by 1300MP( HTC announced). Besides, HTC One Max is equip with the finger sensor like iPhone 5S, and it is the first Android phone wich have this spec. However, how is the practical experience? We need to see when we are using.
Other software features are not so special, you can have a look in Cnet or their official site.

Conclution-no big suprise, as well as no disappointment

All in all, both of the two phone have the thing which will appear in a flag-ship, big screen smart-phone. However, we can choose based on the specs and easy-to-use feature, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is better for user to use. HTC One Max have good material body and new tech of finger sense. All in all, both of them are the good choice of big screen smart-phone.

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