Get back your 2013-How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4,S3, Note 2

Say good bye to 2013, but don't good bye to your Samsung Galaxy Deleted photos

2013 is coming to the end, we may gain many things in this year, but also we may lost many things.For example, you accidetanlly deleted photos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4, S3, Note 2 or other models in this series. You may be sad for your favourite Samsung Galaxuy phone said good bye to you, and you are ready to accept the truth, and want to say good bye to those deleted photos? Hey, don't give up, I tell you the truth, you can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy phone.

Fast guides for how to recover Samsung Galaxy deleted photos

Accidental deletion for Samsung Galaxy photos is very common during using Samsung Galaxy phone. However, less of us know that, deletion just means only the space that the file occupies is marked as blank and can be reused by new files. Deleted file will be still in the space until new data save to the space and overwrite it.

So, firstly, when you realize that you do a wrong deletion for your photos in Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4, S3, Note 2, and would like to restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy, you need to stop taking photos with your phone and save new photos to it.

Then,find solutions to get back delted photos.

Common solutions for Samsung Galaxy deleted Photos recovery

Soluton 1:Restore from KIES via backup
For Samsung Galaxy phone users, they generally use KIES which is provides by Samsung to manage their phone in computer. In this software, you can backup and restore your Samsung Galaxy phone data such as contacts, sms, photos, setting, etc to computer. So, when you lost photos from your Samsung phone, you can try to restore from KIES via backup.

Soluton 2:Android data recovery software
However, sometimes, life don't go well as we expect. You don't have backup for your Samsung Galaxy photos. How can you recover them. Here, you need an Android data recovery software named Tenorshare Android Data Recovery to help you get back deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4,S3,Note 2:

Step 1:Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to computer and launch Tenorshare Android Data Recovery.

Step 2:Follow the guides from the software to make it recognize and scan your phone.

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview your deleted photos, then just choose the one you want to recover.

Good bye to 2013, but see you again, Samsung Galaxy data recovery

Thank you to read the last my last post in 2013. I feel very happy and thankful to share some tech about Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery, I hope this software can help you to solve problem.

See you!


  1. Hello lost data from my samsung S4 4.2.2....can I recover them?

    1. Generally speaking, if you want to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4, you have to use it as less as possible before getting back lost data. One way is restoring from backup if you have, another way is using data recovery software for Android, try to use the tool I said in my blog! Good luck!

  2. I've just noticed a folder of pictures is missingfrom my gallery. I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 but I don't have access to a pc, is there anyway I can recover it from my actual phone??

    1. You can find some recovery apps on Google Play, if you don't have PC! Good luck!