How to recover Samsung Galaxy data without Google backup

Android OS have featured a Google service firmware. Google service is very useful in Android OS, especial for data backup. We can use Google account to sync Android contacts, text messges, photos or other data.

Samsung Galaxy phones also have this convenient feature, so if we need to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Ground data, we can sync them to Google server. However, when the automatical sync don't be enbled, or the Google account didn't sync the data you want to server. How can you backup and recover data from Samsung Galaxy phoen without Google backup? Calm down! Now I will show you how can I do:

Part I : Backup and restore from KIES

KIES is the official software provied by Samsung, which is used to manamge Samsung Android phone on the computer. With the help of KIES, we can backup our contacts, text messages, photos, or some other data to computer. You can download from here: http://www.samsung.com/us/kies/. When you lose data from your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, etc, you can restore lost data from KIES backup. Of course, you need to have the habit for backing up your Samsung Galaxy data to KIES regularly.

recover samsung galaxy data without google backup

Part II: Get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy via Android Data Recovery software

The 3rd-party Android data recovery software is another awesome way to restore data from Samsung Galaxy. In this way, you can directly get back data from the phone.

recover samsung galaxy data without google backup

You may wonder that why can those lost data be recoved from the Android phone?

Indeed, any lost data won't be erased at once from the phone internal memory or external memory card. Take deleted photo in Samsumng Galaxy as an example, when we deleted a photo from the phone, the file system just make it invisible. Until the data need to save to the space where the "deleted" files located, we still have chance to find back the deleted files. So, based on the principle, Android data recovery software can scan out and help up get back lost contacts, text messages, photos, call history and videos from Samsung Galaxy phone without Google backup.

Besides, those recovery software is easy to use for us. Only 4 step, lost data in Samsung Galaxy phone will be back:

Step 1 ; Connect your phone to computer and launch Android data recovery software.

Step 2: Following the guides of the software to enble USB debugging and storage in your phone, then the software will detect your phone.

Step 3: After detecting, you can choose what data you want to scan out, and allow the software to scan your phone.

 Step 4: After scanning, you can prrview and recover the data you want.

(Remember: If you use Android data recovery software to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone, you had better use your phone as less as possible before you get back lost data)

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