Don't want to lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone as Lebron James?

The best basketball player may need the best Smart-phone

It is so funny! Yesterday, the famour NBA player-Lebron James(it is my idol,cool!)blamed his Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Twitter, he said, he didn't want to use Samsung Galaxy phone any more, all of data in his phone were gone, which make me sickest. The reason for I said it is funny is that King James have been as the endorser since it released the Galaxy Note II, and James have many commercials for Samsung. Thus, after a while, he deleted this twitters, but his fans have been retwit to all around the world. In fact, there is chance to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone for Lebron.

What can cause Samsung Galaxy phone Data lose

* Accidental formatting of media

* Accidental deletion of picture(s)

* Misuse of memory cards

* Corruption in storage device or computer’s disk drive

* Usage of memory drives in a number of computers

I don't know why Lebron's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 erased all the things after rebooting. As for me, I won't use the phone any more if I want to do Samsung Galaxy Note 3 data recovery,because erasing, deletion or formatting don't mean wipping data immediately.

Those data such as contacts, text messages, photos and videos,etc are just invisible in the phone memory. If we keep using the phone after data loss, those invisible data may be overwritten by new data generated during using.

Hey, James! I tell you how to recover photos, contacts, text messages, videos from your Samsung Galaxy phone

These kinds of ways have two manners, one is using the official software provided by Samsung. Another way is using the 3rd-party Android data recovery software.

Manner 1: Ask help for KIES
This way is similar with the two ways I mentioned above. All recovery is based on backup. KIES is phone and tablet management software for Samsung Galaxy series products. And it can allow users backup their phone data to computer. Such as photos, contacts number, text messages, etc. Unfortunately, you lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone, you can use it to restore lost data.

Manner 2: Use the 3rd-party software to recover data from Samsung Galaxy without backup

This is an inevitable but useful way. As we knew before learning the ways of Android deleted files, deleted files won’t be erased immediately until new data overwrite it. Thus, we need to make use of this gap to find out and retrieve deleted data from Samsung Galaxy.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is a professional Android data to recovery software for ordinary users to recover deleted, lost contacts, photos, text messages, call history and videos from Android phone, tablet.

With few steps, you are able to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy:

Step 1: connect the phone to computer and make the software to detect your phone.

Step 2: Allow the software to scan your Android phone, and find out the lost files,

Step 3: Choose the files to save. James will you see my post? Maybe it can help you get back lost data!

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