How to recover contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3

If your contacts, text messages in Samsung Galaxy phone are lost

It is very common to store many contacts, text messages, call log in Android phone, like Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3 which have large memory space and powerful features.However, unfortunately, you lost contacts, text messages by accident. Samsung Galaxy phone contacts, text messages loss can be due to many situations:

1.Accidentally deleting when operating in phone book and messages box.

2.Do a factory resetting without backup.

3.Phone error happen that cause data loss.

4.Many other unexpected situations.

If those situations happen to you ,you must want to know how to recover contacts, messages from Samsung Galaxy phone.

Can you recover contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3?

Yup, some methods can help you restore lost contacts and text messages from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3. Before it you need to remember that use your phone as less as possible, because those deleted, formatted data in the phone memory card or memory card won't be removed immediately until new data overwrite them.

Way 1:Recover Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3 contacts, text messages from backup:
When you lost data from Android phone and want to get back lost data, you can check your backup firstly, maybe you can restore them in one-step. For Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery, you can try to restore from the following places based on backup.

Google account sync
Google account must be my first choice to back up contacts. text messages and other data. Therefore, when contacts loss from Samsung Galaxy, you can try to sync back from Google account.

restore samsung galaxy contacts from google

Import from SD card or copy back from SIM card
If you know more about Android OS. you can find export/import features in contacts app and copy to SIM card features in text messages app. They can be recognized as backup ways. When contacts or messages loss, you can try to import contacts from memory card VCF. file, and copy messages back from SIM card.

recover samsung galaxy contacts from sd card

Restore from KIES
KIES won't be strange for Samsung Galaxy phone users, it is a good helper for Samsung Galaxy devices. You can use it to backup phone data, of course, when you lose contacts, messages, photos, or other files from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3.
See, the above 3 ways just work when you have backup, but unluckily, you have no any backup in Google, SD card, SIM card, or KIES. You must ask how can I restore data from Samsung Galaxy phone?

Hey, don't worry, you can have another choice.

Way 2: Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3 contacts, text messages with Android data recovery software
This kind of software is very effective when Android users lost data without backup. You can download Android data recovery software to get back your lost contacts and text messages.

P.S. if you want to recover files from internal memory of Android phone, you may need to root your phone.


  1. There are various applications available to backup the data like contacts, text messages, images, videos, etc. from Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3. SD card is one of the finest options to backup the data. If data backup was not taken, then lost the data can be recovered by using Android data recovery software. Besides many other data recovery software for mobile phones are available to recover the data. The regular backup of data is the best option from accidental deletion.