How to Rescue your Samsung Galaxy phone data

It seems to be unavoidable to loss data from Samsung Galaxy phone

Samsung Galaxy is no doubt that the most popular Android phone around the world now. However, it seems that data loss from Samsung Galaxy phone is common thing that happen to Samsung Galaxy users as well.

The reasons for Samsung Galaxy phone data loss are various. Some are caused by the phone errors, Samsung Galaxy phone is popular because of the good marketing promotions, but sometimes its quality is not good as I expert. All in all, we can conclude some common kinds of reasons that can make data loss happen.

1.Wrong operations by users 

This is the most common reason for any data loss from Android phone. Users always did some wrong or unconscious operations. For example, accidental deletion or wrong formatting is very familiar for us.

2.Well-intentioned cleaning

What is well-intentioned cleaning? In fact, most of us like to use some Android phone manager to make our phones work better, and most of them have the cleaning options. This kind of options will clean the cache or some other useless files in Android for improving the phone speed. However, some of those managers may recognize some useful data in the phone as useless. When manager app does cleaning, if users don’t aware, the useful data will be cleaned as well.

3.Update Android OS without backup 

Android OS has good optimizations. Many producers keep developing and optimizing their phone OS, Samsung also give good experience for Galaxy phone operation system update. So, many users forget backing up for their phone when they do OS update.

rescue samsung galaxy data

The free ways for Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery

Although data loss from Samsung Galaxy phone is common, we have ways to rescue lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone. The first type of way is free and based on backup.

When you have backup for your Samsung Galaxy phone, data recovery is easy. So, when data loss happens, you can check your Google account apps in your Samsung Galaxy phone. Google firmware can help you backup and restore contacts, photos, text messages and other files in Gmail sync, Google+, Google drive, etc.
And other free way to restore Samsung Galaxy phone data is KIES, which is the manager software for Samsung products. KIES is familiar for Samsung fans; it is useful software to help users manage their phones, tablets, or other Samsung products on their computer. Indeed, we can use KIES to back up and restore data for Samsung Galaxy phone.

As you known, backup is very important, we need to have good habit to back up our Samsung Galaxy phone regularly.

The most effective way to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone

The free ways for Samsung Galaxy data recovery only work when backup exist. However, how to get back lost photos, contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy without backup

You need to use effective Android data recovery software.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is Windows-based Android file recovery software specially designed for you to directly and quickly recover data such as contacts, messages, call history, photos, and videos from all kinds of Android devices due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc.

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