Be at Ease-Samsung Galaxy Phone Data Recovery have been easy

S5? Note 4? Note 3? Or other Galaxy phone? You may have one

Based on marketing share and production volume, Samsung Galaxy exactly is the most popular Android phone around the world. It is very common that people use Samsung Galaxy phone. In 2014, Samsung released its flag-ship Android phone in Galaxy series-S5, Note 4. Both of them have powerful features and specs to provide different experience to users.

Indeed, with the help of Samsung Galaxy phone, you can do many things in any time. However, sometimes most of us will get into the hot water of data loss in Samsung Galaxy phone. We may be so frustrated to how to get back any lost data from Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, Note 3 or other models of Galaxy series

Why you lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone?

Some of us even have no idea for data loss reasons. Indeed, for Android device, many unexpected accidents can make data including photos, contacts, text messages, call logs lost.

For example, OS update or ROM flashing is familiar for Android device user. However, both of those technical operations are easy to make data loss from Android phone, even you can learn the prompt of data backup before operating. For Samsung Galaxy phone, KIES will ask you whether wipe data when OS update. If you don’t pay attention to this option, you may lose data quickly.

Other situations that make data loss mostly are errors and accidents. Accidental deleting, mistaken phone resetting without backup, you can see various wrong operations which result in Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery on the Internet.
Fortunately, it is possible to recover data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

samsung data recovery

Easy way to recover photos, contacts, text messages from Samsung phone

To restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone, we have many ways that are based on backup. Such as KIES, Google service firmware, or some the 3rd-party backup and restore apps can help us achieve it.

However, most of us pay more attention to how to get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone without backup.

Don’t worry, although there is no backup, recovery still can be achieved.
When you find you don’t have backup, you can use a tool named Samsung Data Recovery.

Samsung Data Recovery is a customized program to recover all data including photos, contacts, text messages, music and more on all Samsung devices. It supports all Samsung phones and tablets running Android Lollipop and newer, Android 4.4, even Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4. You can learn more about it from here: http://www.card-data-recovery.com/product/samsung-data-recovery-software.html
With this easy program, you can find out those lost and invisible files in Samsung Galaxy phone.

Firstly, connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to computer and launch Samsung Data Recovery. The program will detect your phone and ready to connect it.

Then, follow the guides in the program to enable USB debug in your phone, your phone will be scanned after you finish choosing data selection. 

After scanning, you can preview you lost data, finally, just choose what you want to recover. Yup, you may won’t believe it, but the true is that only 4 steps can help you get back lost data from Samsung Galaxy.


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