How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier

Mid-level Model of Samsung Galaxy may be the most popular

There is no doubt that, Samsung Galaxy phone is the most popular Android phone in the market based on the shipments of marketing and sales. However, compared with the high-end flag-ship model in Samsung Galaxy series, such as Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 3/S4, I think the hand-sets in mid-level have more marketing share. Due to the more reasonable price, and practice features, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier, etc have more users.

How about Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier data recovery

Thanks to their popular, you can find many users have problems of data loss on their Samsung Galaxy phone on the Internet. How to recover data from Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier, or other similar questions are popular in the forums and Q&A websites. For Samsung Galaxy phone data recovery, there is possibility to achieve it. However, to any data recovery, what you need to do firstly is stopping using the devices. Most deleted, formatted data in Android phone just are invisible. They won’t be removed from storage spaces.

samsung galaxy mega  data recovery

How to recover photos, contacts, text messages from Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier

Indeed, Samsung Galaxy users won’t be strange for the common recovery ways of their phones. They can make use of the Google firmware that has been pre-installed in the phone to restore lost data from Samsung Galaxy phone. Another default recovery way is KIES which is the official management software for Samsung Galaxy devices. Users can use it to back up and restore Samsung Galaxy phone data.

However, when we don’t have backup for our Samsung Galaxy Mega, Grand, Memo, Premier, how can you do?

Keep calm! Although you don’t have backup for your Samsung Galaxy phone, you still can try to use Android data recovery software to get back lost data.

I take Tenorshare Android Data Recovery as an example, it is such a nice Samsung mobile phone data recovery utility that can retrieve contacts, photos, videos, music files, documents, etc. quickly and easily. It works very well for Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy Grand/Grand 2, Samsung Galaxy Memo, Samsung Galaxy Premier, etc.

You can try to use this awesome software to retrieve data from Samsung Galaxy phone.

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How to enter stock and custom recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy phone

Android phone recovery mode is a useful tool to help users to wipe data, reset phone to factory setting, format or re-partition system, etc. If you love to custom Android phone, you must be familiar with this tool.

Indeed, this tool has been installed in Samsung Galaxy phone. We can call it stock recovery mode. Now, let me tell you how to enter stock and customized recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy phone.

1.Stock Recovery Mode

Don’t hold the point that recovery mode is a very professional thing that just for any developer. In fact, it is also very helpful for common users. For example, when you forgot the password of unlocking the screen, you can go to recovery mode to do a factory resetting to unlock your phone.

To go to stock recovery mode in Samsung Galaxy phone, we just have 3 steps.
Firstly, shut down your phone totally. And let it stay in “off” for about 30 seconds.

Then, you need to be smart. Turn on the phone with pressing Home, Volume Up, and Power buttons at the same time. I think you can feel the phone screen shake mildly. Here, you can release all the buttons.

how to enter stock recovery mode in samsung galaxy phone

After that, your phone has been into recovery mode. You can see many options in the following UI.

samsung galaxy phone recovery mode

2.Custom Recovery Mode

Entering custom recovery mode is a little more complex than stock one. What’s more, it just works in rooted phone. So, you need to pay more attention when you install custom recovery mode for your Samsung Galaxy phone.

There are some options of custom recovery modes. For example TWRP Recovery, CWM Recovery mode, etc. Different recovery modes have different advantages and disadvantages, you can choose based on your need. And if you install some 3rd-party roms to Samsung Galaxy phone, they have pre-installed recovery modes.

To install custom recovery mode to Samsung Galaxy phone, you use apps such as Rom Manager, etc. And you can install it on computer with ADB.

What we can do in Recovery Mode:

1.Format system and memory card
2.Wipe data in the phone
3.Install custom zip for your phone.
4.Partition system or memory card
5.Do a battery regulation

If you lost Samsung Galaxy data when you use recovery mode,or recovery mode can't help you recover data you want, you can try to know more here: