How can I recover deleted hidden files from Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

For security or privacy, user may hide their important files in Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 sometimes. However, it is easier to accidentally delete hidden files on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, because user can't see hidden files. And some cleaning app may identify those hidden files as junks, in the process of cleaning, user can't check as well.

Ways for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 deleted hidden files recovery

Honestly, we just calm and be patient, there are some ways can help us get back deleted hidden files from Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

1.Check backup in your phone or computer

Generally, we use backup feature to keep our data safe in Android phone. If you have a good habit to back up your phone data regularly, or are sure that automatical syncing is enabled, you can check backup in your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. Apart from backup in phone, some user may use KIES which is a management tool for Samsung Android device to back up data to computer. So, after finding hidden files were deleted, you can check all possible backup locations including apps, programs, cloud drives,etc.

recover deleted hidden files from samsung galaxy grand 2

2.Use professional data recovery program for Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Many user hold the point that deleted files can't be recovered, what's more, hidden files have been invisiable. Indeed, if we take a chance to recover deleted hidden files from Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Well,deleted files in Samsung Galaxy phone or other brand Android phone won't be removed immediately from phone memory. They are really hidden in the memory space as useless data by file system. Until new data need a space to store, they will be overwritten by new data. So, user can't see them as normal when they delete files. And as long as you are be patient to operate less to your phone. Android data recovery program can help you get back deleted files.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro is an excellent data recovery tool based on PC to get back all lost data from Android devices/SD card immediately, including text messages, contacts, photos, videos, call history, documents, audios and other files. It suppots all series of Samsung Galaxy phones and other brands of Android phone.

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