How to Attach Video in WhatsApp messages on Android

LOL! most of us are crazy about chatting with friends with online social comunication app. Especially, WhatsApp is the most popular. So many people aroud the world use it to chat, pal or share life with others.

WhatsApp is not only an app for chatting. Developer improve it as a multifuntional social tool. User not only can sent text messages to friends in WhatsApp,  but also other media files icluding photos, videos, voice, and contacts, location can be sharing with your WhatsApp contacts.

send video in whatsapp on android

How to share video in WhatsApp on Android phone

Except for photos, video is one of the most common file for sharing. Many user think that video is more visually and  funny than photo to show.  So, how to attach video in WhatsApp on Android?

Based on the official tutorial from WhatsApp website,  we can finish sending video to other contacts easily.

1.Open a chat.
2.Tap the Attachment button at the top of the screen.
3.Choose what you want to send:
   if you choose Gallery,  you can senc the video that is already stored in your phone, and if you choose Video, you can record a video with camera.

You can also forward a video from one conversation to another:
1.Tap and hold on the message or media.
2.Optionally, select multiple messages and/or media to forward.
3.Tap the icon.
4.Choose a conversation to forward the message or media to.

However, as an attachment, the size of video in WhatsApp message  is limited. If your video is large (generally a original video files( 3 mins upper) will be about 30 MB. WhatsApp won't support you to send such large messages.

Don't be disappointed, we can use other kind of way to share videos in WhatsApp on Android.

Indeed, we can use cloud drive to share video in WhatsApp.  Google Drive is defaultly installed in Android device. As long as you record or store a video in your Android phone, you can upload the video to Google Drive. After uploading, you can share it as a link to WhatsApp contacts, you friends can dowload or store the video by themselves.  Because the link is text, not an attachment, so you don't need to worry about the limitation.
(Remember: when you upload the video to drive, you need to set it as "public")

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