How to Send Large Audio Files on Whatsapp

Even the world’s largest messaging service has its limitations. Whatsapp only allows sending files to other users that are upto 16MB in size. Power users who want more from the app are often left unsatisfied. This article will tell you how to send large audio files on WhatsApp(iPhone/ Android).

1. If your phone is rooted but you don’t have any Root File Explorer installed on your phone, please install one like Root File Manager or Root Browser first.
2. Once the root manager is installed, go to the root folder of your device. Then go to the folder named ‘data’. Again inside this folder, there will be another folder named ‘data’. Enter this folder too.
3. Inside the second data folder, enter the folder named ‘com.whatsapp’.
4. Now inside the ‘com.whatsapp’ folder, enter the folder named ‘shared_prefs’. Please note that in some phones this step may not be required as the ‘shared_prefs’ may not exist. In such case, you can skip directly to the next step.
5. Finally, you will see a file named ‘com.whatsapp_preferences.xml’. Click on the file and open it using the Text Editor that comes with the root explorer you installed. For example, Root Browser (which is used in this tutorial) comes with a text editor called ‘RB Text Editor’ as shown.
6. Once the file opens, you can see some code written in it. The purpose is to change a value of a variable to suit our needs. For this find the integer ‘name’ and change its media limit value to a desired number like 500 from the default 16. This will change the file sharing limit on your whatsapp to 500MB instead of the original 16MB. You can enter any limit you want as long as it is less than 2 GB or 2048 MB.
7. Save the file and enjoy an all new freedom to share.

Now, you have known how to send large file on Whatsapp, in this homepage, you can find ways to recover lost data from iPhone/Android when you need.

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