How to Fix Android Stuck on Boot Screen

If you are an Android smart phone user, you will then not be strange with the changeable system, every time you want to try something new, you are required to operate through the root path. To get into the system menu, you need to boot your Android phone first, however, when Android tablet stuck at boot screen after boot, how to fix?

How to Fix Android Phone Stuck at Boot Screen

For regular solution, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons;

Step 2: Skip useless options can scroll to “wipe cache partition” by press Volume Up/Down and press Power button to confirm selection;

wipe cache partition

Step 3: Then use Volume keys to select “wipe data/ factory reset” and use the power button to initiate the process.

wipe data factory reset

After that, you then will successfully enter the Android system. Except for Android get stuck after boot, Android tablet stuck on boot screen after factory reset can also use this method to fix.

Tips About Reasons which Make Android Boot Screen Stuck

Generally, every stuck issue of Android phone can be caused by these 7 categories of reasons:

A.      Memory Card, the protection of data from memory card or data collision can lead to stuck, you can choose to format memory card or just leave it out;
B.      Battery, the age of battery is also what you should consider, an old battery will cause bad contact and hardware issues;
C.      System files, if you happened to delete system files, stuck then will be unavoidable, what you should do is root your Android phone again;
D.      Applications, too much applications run at the same time and system cannot bear that load;
E.       Mobile Virus, after Android phone affected with virus, malicious script sent by virus will get confliction with the self-protection mechanisms of Android phone;
F.       Low Configuration, if your Android matched a low configuration, the operation then should be slow, once operation too quickly, the system running speed cannot catch up;
G.      Run large-scale application while charging, Android phone will get heated when charging, if you run large-scale applications, the phone will over loaded.

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