How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock Without Gmail

Generally when you facing this problem, you may have encountered these situations. Such as you like change your pattern lock frequently or you didnt use it for a long time. Except unlock Samsung Galaxy pattern lock with Gmail, what other ways can help you out of fire? I will provided best 2 solutions to help you jump out the problem. Keep reading to check them out!

Solution1: Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock with 4Ukey for Android

Solution1: Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock With 4Ukey for Android

4Ukey for Android as a third party was born to unlock Android device, it can be used in your Samsung device even without turning on USB debugging and auto system detection before unlocking Android. This is large prevents your phone from turning bricks when unlocked.

First of all you need download and install 4Ukey for Android on your computer.
Step1: When the installation completed, launch the program and connect your Samsung device to your computer via lightning cable.

Step2: Now it will popup dialog, click yes to installing the driver.

Step3: Click Remove option and put your Samsung device into recovery mode, please following the steps below.Before it, ensure your device has been fully charged.

Notes: Part of devices need to disconnect USB cable before enter recovery mode.

Step4: When the device enter recovery mode successfully you will see a list of wipe data/factory reset. Use volume key to select it and confirm it by Power button. Next, select Yes and click on the Power button to proceed. Finally, select reboot system now and hit the Power button to restart your Samsung device. After it, you will find pattern lock has been removed.

Solution2: Unlock Samsung Galaxy Pattern Lock With ADM

Whats ADM? The full name of ADM is Android Device Manager/Find My Device, which can target your Android device, lock your Android device by setting new passwords remotely. In other words, you can change your password through this service. But this service will not be started if your Android device in flight mode.

Step1: You need enter Samsung Find My Device official website, choose your language in the lower right corner and login with your Samsung account.

Step2: Select “Unlock my screen”  to proceed. There are also have various services, you can choose it according to your needs.

Step3: You will see on- screen message The function has been executed successfully once you unlock your device successfully.

Final Words

Now i believe you already unlocked your Samsung Galaxy pattern lock by the following the 2 solutions, so dont forget share it with your friends. If you have any further question please send us Email, we will reply in 24 hours working day.

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