How to Fix Touch Screen Not Working on Samsung Smart Phone

 My Samsung Galaxy S8 touch screen stopped working when i tap on one of App, and it stuck at the App main interface. I cant do anything now! Please help me!

Generally, Samsung smartphone touch screen not working may caused by the following major reasons. System crashes, Screen damage and App problems. If the screen still doesnt respond even you tried restart the device, what should you do? Luckily, im gathering some efficient ways here. Keep reading to check them out!

Way1: How to Fix Touch Screen Not Working on Samsung Smartphone by Safe Mode
This way enables you know whether or not the problem caused by third-party apps, put your device into safe mode all your downloaded apps will be banned. If the screen working again then the problem caused by app. If you dont know which one of it, just uninstall all recently downloaded apps. Follow the steps below to enter safe mode.

Step1: Press Power button about 5-10 seconds until options box pops up.
Step2: Press Power Off options about 5-10 seconds to reboot to safe mode.

Step3: When you successful enter safe mode you will see safe mode logo on the left bottom corner.

Way2: How to Fix Touch Screen Not Working on Samsung Smartphone by Factory Reset
Frankly, this way is an extreme way. Many people are trying to avoid factory resetting. But i have to say this way also is the safe way to solve the problem. As we all know, factory resetting will erase all your data and file. So, backup before you try this way its important for you.

Step1: Make sure your Android device is fully charged and power off.
Step2: Press Volume up button and power key at the same time, release power key until Samsung logo appears ( Samsung Galaxy series need press Power key+Home key+Volume up key)
Step3: Now the device enter the recovery mode, use your volume key to select it.

If your the screen still unresponsive, the problem might be your screen problem, and it cant be fixed by any way. What if your dont have backup and dont want to lose your data what should you do? Android Data recovery was born to solve android device problem that you may encounter. It aims to solve all situations that you may encounter. Such as water damage, mistakenly deleted or screen broken leads data lose, Android data recovery can easily help you retrieve them.

This article listed two common ways to fix touch screen not working on Samsung smartphone and introduce a way to help you recover your data. If you think this post is helpful, domt forget share it with your friends.

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